Got my cancer ex back

  • I've read many of the threads regarding cancers couldn't forgive their partner ever since the trust is broken. I've had a 2 year realationship with mine and out of a sudden he broke up with me because he thought I wasn't serious enough with him regarding the future - marriage, kids etc. He claimed he didn't love me anymore although I kept initiating contact with him. A month later we started seeing each other again but only as fwbs. Now, 4 months later he travelled for 5 hours to pick me and take me at his place to spend NY together. Ever since we're inseperatable, his mother was very happy to see me again, yesterday we went out with his friends for the 1st time in months and they we're happy to see me too. We've reached a higher level of understanding although he has to deal with my scorpionic occasional outbursts of jelaousy and overpossessiveness. He's trying not to push me and I'm trying not to sting him when I'm upset so so far it's doing wonders hahahha

    To all of you who has problems with your cancer partners the key is understanding. Support your cancer and be patient with him (a thing which is generally not related to us scops). Many Hugs and Happy New Year to all! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ^_^

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