So confused %$^!@ My Cancer Girlfriend broke up with me out of nowhere..ekkk

  • I'm a Leo male dating a cancer from June 2008 to November 12 2010.

    We had no arguments maybe once or twice in the beginning but everything else was pretty smooth. We seen each other often. Didnt talk on the phone as much. I meet her family & friends she meet mine. In the relationship she would express how great i was, and she trusted me and felt safe with me and i heard earning a cancers trust is huge, so i was happy to hear that

    One October 29 , 2009 her brother was killed, she took some time off which i figured to be mourning, i called her house her everyday for 3 months ( her brother and mom picked up and i asked how she was and for her to call me ) I got no response from her i was so worried because i know death is the hardest thing anyone would have to deal with. one day she contact me and said she got all her messages and she appreciated them and said i was the only one who cared we continued our relationship and still hung out.

    I was surprised because i thought it would have been over , but we continued, i altered a few things and tried to be there for her as much as i can, i didn't bring up anything about the death and she always said she doesn't know why people are making a big deal about it, and i didn't want to be the reminder.

    fast forward a year later the brothers anniversary death Oct 2010 I dropped by her house with some flowers i didnt call , because i didnt want t intrude she was happen and sent me a text saying the flowers were beautiful and she was going to try and see me , i was surprised she said that as i felt she would need a few days

    I dint talk to her for 1 week after oct 31st and i asked her whats wrong, i would have talked to you by now i feel something is wrong, then she sent me a break up text.

    On November 12 2010 'she text me"

    I know you have tried to be there for me as much as you can, but i cant continue this relationship, you need a girl that can focus on the relationship i need to focus on myself and my family,and i have allot of personal inner feelings to deal with you not you , its me. i need time and space to think i need my Independence.what you have been able to accomplish this year have been both motivating and inspiring , I know this is going to be hard to hear but its over.

    After that i had text her like 10 times a day trying to figure out whats wrong, asking her we can work

    together, i miss you,,i love you , i dont want this to end. With no response

    Then- November 28-30 she text me

    1. i dont know if i did the right thing

    2. i text her i dont want to bug you but i really miss you , then she replied you dont bug me at all its kinda nice to hear from you

    3.then i said you probably are deleting all my text then she replied just to let you know i got all your text

    On December 3rd I text her- how are you doing, she replied that she was sick and she was thinking that in a few days she would want to meet up and talk if its okay with me

    i received no response , so i starting texting her i sent her merry chirstmas no response, happy new year no response, then i told her i will give her time ans space, whatever i text her it doesnt matter no response

    after awhile i put two and two together and realized the same time she was mourning the first time october to jan 2009-2010 is the same time she disappeared last year 2010- jan 2011 with no response to my messages but the big difference is this time she broke up with me

    and now i dont know if its because shes mourning or me , and its tough i dont want to harrass her but maybe she lashing out because of her brothers death

  • You're not really listening to your friend, are you? You are desperate for her attention and love, yet you are ignoring the fact that she said she wanted her independence. She just can't handle any heavy emotional situations or responsibility right now, and you chasing her and being emotionally demanding and needy is only making things much much worse. You are doing the opposite of what she wants. Back off and give her the space and time she needs to heal or you will lose her forever. Or, if you can't wait for love and attention, find someone else.

  • I do understand what you mean , she still hasent left my mond i love her deeply

  • I have a Cancer Ascendant, and if I wanna be left alone, just leave me alone... I agree with TheCaptain

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