• ever since falling pregnant with my second child 11:11 has been a large significance in my life. constantly have i been seing these digits on a clock. She is now 3 and I am still seeing these digits.........do they mean anything?


  • Dear Miss-h

    Yes it is called 11.11 phenomenon ,many people around the world experience this if you go to Uri Gellars website he goes into great detail about this i to see 11.11 all the time and it stands out very clear;ly to me as well so whenever i see numbers in sequence from now on for example 111,222,333 11.11 10.10 12.12

    I always stop whatever i am doing and make a wish

    here is a link to a thread i found i hope it helps


  • I've heard that if you're seeing it all the time, it means that angels are nudging you at just the right time to look at a clock, to get your attention. That same writer also said that it meant that on our spiritual journey, we are where we are meant to be. I hope this is true. I can't remember where I read that, however. It sounds plausible to me. I'm haunted by 11:11 as well and have been for years. I just take the opportunity to thank heaven and show gratitude and to say a prayer. Don't worry about it, whatever your beliefs; it's not a bad thing.

  • Same here I have to tell you that i have 1111 songs on my ipod i was freaked out by that i dont want to load anymore on.

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