I'm Broken, can you help glue me back together?

  • Hi, Rather than give a lot of details I will just say that my ex came and picked up his things today. I am in great agony and pain because earlier this week he tells me that he still loves me and wants to be together and well when he was here you could tell that we were both feeling the same thing, misery I could see it in his eyes when we looked into each others eyes. After he held our son he covered his face like he always has when hes about to cry. Said I have to go looked me in the eyes chocked out a see ya later wiped his eyes then turned to leave. He has tried contacting me over and over again and ignoring him won't make him go away he just tries harder. Captain had mentioned to me to ignore him but I think she meant my other ex. Usually Captain answers my posts and she's great but it would be nice if I could have someone else try to help me move past this. As for my daughters father hes driving me nuts, wont take a hint to leave me alone. He and his family are the reason why my sons father wes and I aren't together. It's unreal All the crap they pulled to get what they wanted. What I would like to know is what the heck is next for me and my kids? I want to move anyone see it happening? will I get a job back home and get us out of here?

  • BUMP

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