• Hello Capricorn 444, I know I may be too late, you said you had work to do today?? Well if you have time please, Just whats new for me this year?? Peace Love and Light! May the Universe repay your kindness a hundered fold, I dont think you want b/d but in case 11/20/65.

    "Blessed Be."

    your reading will be under here tonight. I am back to 65 hour work tommoro.

  • poetic555;

    I am going to be very honest here, i have been doing readings, writtings, inspiring quotes and have myself and seen others a victim of plagairism on many forums. It is one thing as we are paid in carrer to give but at times we give to much and experince many open dishonors. People who do no tattain the sacrifices, time, understamnding, growth etc.....to be able to preach what they have practiced often take it for granted and disrespect the honor. I ahve had many take word fro word and not cite as it happened today and also to others. We alll have done it I even we all went to school elementary and it was not taught. But now its in the knowing....I cannot but I will leave you a gbrwat cite to leafrn from as I have learned much anmd I will leave you with what I meditated on............I hazve faith you will attain and apply the emlightenment.......

    your situation -pope, your cause 7 coins, your point of interest Page coins, your way foward Ace wands, outcome lovers

    self examination for you to seek


    high priestess.

    Take care:)

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