Sex and the signs

  • sag woman and scorpio man! I think see shows love through sex. what do you think scorpios?

  • You might not think of sex preferences are related to your zodiac sign, but everything leads back to astrology, doesn't it? Each zodiac sign has their own sex style, leading to unique moves by star signs—and that's something we should celebrate. As long as everything is safe and consensual, we can all enjoy our innate physical and lusty vibes. Of course, you might find pleasure from switching things up and trying different things in the bedroom, but astrology can act as a guide to help you navigate the sexual waters [](link url).

  • @Harryjack Sagittarius signs are known to be more sexual anyway and adventurous. So it would make sense that they show their love through sex. But sometimes that can cause problems too. Because sometimes you can be attracted to someone and not actually be in full out in love with them. I know this to be true. Because I am a Sagittarius and this is a issue I had at one point. It's important not to confuse sex with love. Although for obvious reasons the two are intertwined with one another.

  • Depends on moon ,venus and mars sign I guess.

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