Sagittarius male & Pisces female. YES! it can work!

  • I'm so tired of reading that a Sagittarius male & Pisces female are not compatible. My experience with a Sag male was one of the best relationships I had ever had with a man. We both had a lot to offer each other, a lot in common, &, when we disagreed on something, it more often than not created a very interesting discussion. From day one, our chemistry was undeniable & our intimate encounters were nothing less than STEAMY. I did't mind at all his lightheartedness & what sometimes appeared to be a total lack of emotion & even aggressivness during our relations. Let me tell you--there is NOTHING hotter on the planet than a Sagittarius man who wants you RIGHT NOW! As a Pisces, these things should have bothered me. Not at all. We really seemed to get each other. Supposedly, the "withdrawn, droopy,emotional, often depressed" Pisces female can put a damper on the male Sag's fiery spirit. That makes me crazy. Yes, I can be emotional but withdrawn, droopy, depressed? I like to meet who wrote that so I can beat the crap out of them! HOWEVER, I did notice that, when I was younger (20's) I did experience these charateristics but, even then, it wasn't the norm for me. As I have gone through life, I've taken in everything I've experienced & it's almost like I'm a totally different person. I was supposed to be born in April--that would have made me an Aries & right now my d.o.b is Feb 24th putting me on the edge with Aquarius. I don't know if these things have ANYTHING to do with it but there are times when I wonder if I'm a true Pisces at all. I guess the whole point to my rant is I think anyone can make a relationship work even a Sagittarius & Pisces. We were together for 4 years. What happened? He moved due to a new job & I couldn't go do to my job & school. Yes it hurt both of us when it was over but it was a mutual agreement to end it. He told me he never regretted our relationship & I was one of the few who actually understood him. We remain close friends.

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