Have we got a future?

  • About 6 months ago I met a wonderful man through the internet who I fell deeply in love with. I believe he has deep feelings for me too. He had to return abroad to work last November. He is due home within the next few days and he says we will meet but do we have a future?

    My DOB 24.11 1952

    His DOB 10.8.1949

  • My instincts honestly are red flags dear

    The internet is a place where many play head games and promises are made to gain a foothold for more mind/heart manipulation.

    You have no way of knowing whether he is being truthful or not. He may be married and "being abroad" may be a way of maintaining distance to keep his secret.

    My intuition about this situation is that something isn't being dealt with honestly.

    Please be aware and keep your eyes wide open to his answers to your questions.

    If you know his name do some research. There is nothing wrong with doing some checking for your own safety and well being.

    There is wisdom in being cautious and informed when your heart has become involved.

    You fare wise for being willing to ask questions. Bless you and may God reveal all truth to you of this situation.

  • Comparing your astrological profiles, I see that this is not a good relationship for love. You two are both full-blooded in your sexuality yet you will have a strangely inhibiting effect on each other. High expectations and a desire for perfection can prevent good results in romance and marriage here. Pressure from an insistence on getting everything just right can build up to a stressful peak. Your friend follows his instincts and you your feelings, so you are very different in this respect. The strains and pressures inherent here would quickly have you Wallace11 looking elsewhere for your comfort and pleasure.

  • Thank you for your guidance Captain...and overall subjectivity


    Thank goodness for a well rounded mind!

    Wallace...keep us posted

    on how you are doing

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