• Charmed,

    First please know I am OK. I have had a crazy week. I typed that message just after she had left my office and I was still sort of swimming in it all. I had not intended on asking for a reading and frankly it didn't matter if I got one or not it was all just sort of spilling out. If you look over the history of the "I hate" thread you will find many divergent topics such as Norwegian menstruation, scrambled eggs and Johnny Walker, Paganism and other religious topics, and past lives of King Tut ... and Roman Decadence, Hopi Indians and Atlantis for pages. I had come to know that forum as a place of friends where I could voice what I was feeling and Goodness knows I have defended you during attacks and defended the entire "I Hate" concept. I was hurt by your insensitive response. You replied to only what was important to you and outcasted what was important to me. In a sensitive moment just maybe you could have shared a bit of empathy and then said if you want a reading then you may want to post that.... There was no empathy nor desire to help in your numbered response. It's OK. I too am guilty of quick responses at times. Dang if we aint all human! It just cut a bit deep in the moment.

    Having said all that I do appreciate you taking the time to hear me and provide a thoughtful response. I have decided, as you and others who actually know me and her, to keep a cordial passing relationship with her but never again a private and close friendship. As I told her the problem with the first lie is from that point forward no one knows when the lies end and the truth begins. She demonstrated just how dispensable I am. Though I truly do NOT believe they had a sexual relationship, you are correct that I will never fully trust her again with my heart.

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