• Dear sweetie Salient.

    She cannot be trusted. She started out as a peacemaker, mediator, diplomat BUT spending more n more time with ur ex she got somehoe brainwashed. He pushed all the right buttons. Even has her firmly believe he is an innocent lamb n all else is at fault. He does time as saviour to those who lead him into darkness amen!

    Everything has become turned tables. What is truth in ur world is false to them. What true to them is false to you Salient.

    I feel as he got out n moved away he sort of brought some senses back to her and n this is an odd feeling i get. Its like how do i put this, i got caught im not regretting doing n saying what i did , im sad i got caught. Somewhere she still believes he´ll come back for her and they will live happily ever after.

    She reaches to u out of what u once had. i feel if u take the branch it will break sooner or later. That branch is rotten., it wont hold. all that holds it together is what u n she once had Salient.

    Question dear is for you to deside, do you want to take this branch that will break sooner or later, or say n go onward leaving her to her viles?

    Ask urself AND ur gut, what is best for me in this? to say no i cant nor i wont trust u again, what we had has died. or lets try n stand like u are now in a few weeks months even more distraught than now?

    There is something to b said on removal of bandage. One swift move to get it over n done with.

    Last my dear salient ill leave u with this, deep down u know this aint her first betrayal to u n ur friendship no?

    Ur friend CWB

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