New to this world of tarot

  • Hello!

    My name is Sandra and im from sweden..

    Im new to this and dont even got my own deck yet.. dont really know what to buy..

    I got myself a book that was quite good and very easy to understand 🙂

    I dont think that i would ever say this, but i thank youtube for that..

    saw this one and was very glad 😄

    Found this just this day and have read and read, my head is blurry 😛

    Anyone that got any good tips on decks?

    Greetings / Sandra

  • Hi Sanndra86

    Welcome to tarot i am still learning how to read the cards the rider waite tarot is very good for beginners as the images on the cards help you identify and remeber their meanings easily .

  • I teach tarot and use either Sacred Circle or Gilded Tarot for teaching and for readings. I have other decks (never Rider-Waite), but those two are my main ones. The best thing to do is to look at a variety of decks and see which one(s) resonate with you. You'll find the right one, I'm sure.

  • One thing you might want to take note on is that most decks follow the same images as in rider waite. Gilded is one very beautiful deck and there are also others out there (literally hundreds) Each a different style but all with similar meanings, so i guess you could go online or to a local new age store and look at decks, find one that you feel strongly about, like a connection between you and the deck.

    I personally use Druidcraft and Shadowscapes Tarot

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