Need Pisces Advice Please

  • Hi everyone,

    I am new here and in desperate need of advice/insight!! I am a 29 year old gemini female (june 9th) and I am falling in love with a 44 year old Pisces male (feb 25th). We met at an exercise class he runs and there was an instant spark between us. We have been together a few times but he says that we are just friends. I decided to end contact with him on 3 occassions but each time he contacts me again after a couple of weeks. If he is not interested in me then why does he not just let me go?? We have so much in common, an unbelievable chemistry and I literally ache for him to be near me. I have never felt this way about a man before. He says we are friends yet won't hang out with me alone as he doesn't trust himself around me. I know he feels something for me. Chemistry this good cannot be one sided. We both have relationship baggage and both have children from previous relationships. I had a tarot reading done a couple of months ago and she said that he was my soulmate but that it would keep going in a full circle and may never go anywhere. She said he is threatened by my previous partner and afraid of what committing to me on a day to day basis might entail. I have tried to tell him how I felt before but i think I scared him. I have pursued him more than he did me. And while I try to move on and date other guys, when he finds out he just starts flirting with me again. It's like he gets jealous... I am so confused. I don't know how to proceed. Any insight to the pisces male would be greatly appreciate. Are they ususally this confusing? How can I be sure he really likes me? Should I try to tell him how I feel or keep it light hearted? HELP!!!

  • My feeling is that you are excited by the thrill of the chase here. The more your Pisces holds back, the more you want to pursue him and win him over. But I feel if you actually caught him, the thrill and the fantasy would soon fade and you would look around for someone equally unavailable. Unavailable or reluctant men are safer for you - they are not aggressive or threatening to you so you are attracted to them.

    On an astrological level, this combination is good for friendship but bad for marriage. Mental challenges of all kinds are what stimulates the two of you and there is often a friendly sort of rivalry here as to who knows best and who knows more. Your friend's vivid imagination and your verbal skills combine to make a dramatic and lively relationship. Normally in relationships, your friend only gets to emphasize his emotional side so it is a pleasure and relief to be able to indulge his mental capabilities here with you. A love affair between you would be unstable however. Your chemistry tends to be volatile and expressive, with feelings flying every which way. Your friend would come to find you irritating and unreliable, and you would find him too dreamy, impractical, and unobservant. Romantic illusions abound here and, like balloons, are easily punctured. Whereas a friendship can be stimulating and fun, and lacking all the drama and emotional upset of a love affair or marriage.

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