Friendship becoming love -- help with a reading??

  • Hi guys!!! I'm new here... I really need help with a reading I did tonight!! It's about if a friend and I will end up together... Any insight is appreciated, I'm still really new at this! Thanks, xoxo

    I used the Sacred Circle deck.

    1- Why were they brought into my life

    Card - Death

    Meaning - Change, a chance for both of us to start a new friendship / relationship... We met awhile ago, but didn't really start becoming close until this past year, so I'm guessing this refers to when we really started becoming close.

    2- How did the relationship begin

    Card - 6 of Cups

    Meaning - Renewal of the past... He went to school in New York for the past two years, so we didn't really get much chance to talk; we were friends in high school. So I'm guessing, again, that this refers to us becoming close (this September)... Our new relationship began because we both kind of longed for the high school days.

    3- How is it (our relationship) now

    Card - 4 of Wands

    Meaning - Fulfillment.. We have found refuge from college life in each other. Harmony / we balance each other out.

    4- What am I to learn from him

    Card - 4 of Swords

    Meaning - (Very true, this is what he's been helping with) I need to learn how to be okay by myself / be confident in who I am before I can try to please others. Put myself before others.

    5- Is this relationship destined

    Card - Ace of Discs

    Meaning - New beginning... Need to figure out how to make "dreams a reality." So yes? Maybe? Not sure on this one.

    6- Is it meant to be more than friendship

    Card - The Lovers

    Meaning - I think this one speaks for itself.

    7- Will it be (more than friendship)

    Card - Ace of Cups

    Meaning - The beginning of new love.. So yes, we will end up being more than friends. I think.

    8- Are we on the right path

    Card - The High Priest

    Meaning - Since this card is focused on spirituality, I'm thinking (hoping) that it means we have a strong spiritual connection, and that our strong spiritual connection is guiding us / ensuring that we're on the right path.

    9- Where are we headed

    Card - King of Discs

    Meaning - Stability / security with each other? Not sure with this one either.

    10- Where will we end up/ our outcome

    Card - Queen of Cups

    Meaning - Well for one, the traits / personality associated with card are pretty fitting for me: light brown hair, fair complexion, warm, loving, sociable. Good-natured woman, devoted and honest. Sympathetic, sociable, artistically gifted. Very imaginative, honest, loyal.

    Also, the Queen of Cups is a card that represents love and emotions... So I'm seeing a long lasting relationship as our 'outcome.'

    11- What is forseeable

    Card - 3 of Swords

    Meaning - Heartbreak / end of a relationship. This is a foresight for any relationship though... Still, I'm guessing we won't end up married or something.

    12- What is not

    Card - 10 of Cups

    Meaning - Pretty much the same as above, we aren't going to end up together permanently.

    13- How will our future look together

    Card - Page of Wands

    Meaning - I literally have no idea on this one.

    14- How will it look apart

    Card - King of Cups

    Meaning - We'll be emotionally stable without each other?

    15- Obstacles (for our relationship as a whole)

    Card - The Chariot

    Meaning - In order to make our relationship work, we will need to be determined, self-disciplined, and hard working. If we are, you will triumph over any difficulties / people trying to limit us (his ex-girlfriend / one of my good friends from high school, particularly) Also, not fall victim to our aggressive impulses (which we both have).

    I think this is a very interesting reading... I'd love to hear some thoughts about it, and whether you think trying to start a romantic relationship would be beneficial? Thanks!

    Just did another little three card reading asking his thoughts about "us." Outcome:

    Card 1 - Page of Discs, Card 2 - Rebirth, Card 3 - Knight of Cups

    My interpretation of these cards as a whole is that he's looking for a new beginning (page of discs), he wants to bury the past / start a new relationship (rebirth), and he wants to become my knight in shining armor (Knight of Cups).

    Thanks for any help in advance, xoxo

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