HANSWOLFGANG...I would love your insight..once again

  • Hans, Several months ago you gave me the simple and true answers to a relationship issue I had. Now looking back I can see even more how what you said made so much sense. I hava a new relationship with a new person and I find myself being very paranoid..maybe cynical..I dont show this but its what in my thoughts, so I just would like to know if this is intuition or paranoia..insecurity, etc.

    So this person is younger than I. which is part of it..I worry about the future alot..even though he seems more mature and loyal then anyone else in my life so far. My DOB is 12/19/83, his is 11/12/91. The the other insecurity is that what I believe to had been his first love ..and him broke up a short time before he began pursuing me. He did lie to me telling me thet broke up months ago but in fact they were on and off and their last breakup was probably a few weeks before. Although I know he liked me and wanted to meet me for several months before I gave him a chance. He is amazing to me and things are really growing into something beautiful. I guess I am wondering if....He really is this wonderful and will he stay that way...if we have a future...if he is over the ex or if this could be like a rebound for him....if I can get over these insecurities before I self manifest my own fears by becoming jealous and possessive..

    Thank you Hans 🙂

  • Silana,

    I just would like to know if this is intuition or paranoia..insecurity, etc.: paranoia.

    My DOB is 12/19/83: You have your share of idealism.You possess a certain charm and magnetism that attracts others. You are the "mother of love" and share this love with all you come in contact with. You either get married and devote yourself to family or get involved in some professional career. You are very sweet, attractive, sociable and loving. You can be a successful artist and have an appreciation for art and beauty. You could become aware of and make use of your abundance of psychic ability. As long as your idealism is guided by truth, you can live the life of love and nurturing that is your birthright. When operating on the lower levels, you can be too self-indulgent, lazy, frivolous, and into the "good life". You could become an escapist and alcoholic as well. Once you set your sight, however, there is no limit to how high you can climb in your work and career.

    I am wondering if....He really is this wonderful: yes.

    and will he stay that way...: no.

    if we have a future...: no.

    if he is over the ex: no.

    or if this could be like a rebound for him...: no.

    if I can get over these insecurities before I self manifest my own fears by becoming jealous and possessive..: no.

  • Thank you Hans, The description of me is completely true. Every word of it 🙂

    I am in fact trying to focus on my career and such...but of course I can't help but devote myself to the person I am with..and I never get into something without my whole heart...which scares me to continue something with someone I know there may not be a future with...even everything is wonderful right now...Do I stay...?

    I also had a dream the other night with my ex who I am not completely over after a whole year...Whenever I dream of him he has come back to me and tells me he loves and wants to be with me for good.

    I am happy with the new relationship though and I dont want to give it up.

  • Silana,

    Do I stay...? No.

    First thing to remember -- if you devote yourself to a man, you

    will never enjoy. Because enjoyment cannot be forced.

    It is a subtle rhythm. When a man also loves you,

    only then this music arises between the two which gives

    joy, delight.

  • So far I really am enjoying him being in my life...it sems as though we could fall in love with eachother...

    Breaking up with him now would definitely hurt him...

    Is it possible for something good to come out of this if I continue? I don't expect the union to last forever...but I always hope that whenever I am serious with someone..naturally.

    It seems breaking it off might be a good way to protect my feelings...

    So hard because he treats me like a queen 😞

    WHat to do.......

  • Silana,

    Is it possible for something good to come out of this if I continue? Yes.

    WHat to do.......whether you break it off or you continue: your problems will remain.

  • Hans,

    You said that this was not a rebound relationship for him.... and you mentioned about when a man loves you...could he ?

    If there is real love or real potential for it, I don't mind taking the risk so much..Thats why I am asking. Nothing is perfect but in that case I would be willing to try..there are no real problems as of yet of course...so i am going with the flow of things...Because if someone is capable of really loving me (and of course I love them too) I can feel that its worth working at or bettering myself in some way...

  • Silana,

    you mentioned about when a man loves you...could he ? no, he cannot.

  • 😞

  • Silana,

    your emptiness will also allow waves of

    blissfulness, peacefulness, splendor and unknown glory.

    You are at the highest peak available to any


  • I am at this state now?

    I have always felt I some spiritual understanding...Its hard for me to get past the physical world..unless im asleep..because im constantly dreaming..

  • Silana,

    I am at this state now? Yes.

    Existence is not divided into either-or. It has no duality; it is one energy flowing from this end to that. Both banks of the river are joined together underneath; they are part of one land. They appear to you to be two because you have not entered the river and you have never gone to the very bottom. The banks are not two, they belong to one land. But for the river to flow, they appear to be two. Existence is just like the two banks meeting underneath, and mind is just looking at the surface. So mind says, “I am at this bank and you are at that. You are against me. If you are a friend then you are on this bank with me; you are an enemy if you are on that bank.” But both banks belong to one earth.

  • I think I understand..although I am unsure of how to tap into this..

    Also unsure of how I could apply this in my life

  • Silana,

    you have attained something of the no-mind.

  • Hello Hans,

    I am in need of your guidance once again if you can.

    Thank you.

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