Anyone have experience dating Aquarius? or Aqua in general

  • So I'm just getting to know this Aquarius guy--I know him from the community college I go to and randomly ran into him at the bookstore near my house. (I'm Cancer close to the Gem cusp) We got to chatting and he seems really nice. He asked for my number, and the next day texted me asking me out. I'm looking forward to going out, but I called him two days ago and yesterday and he doesn't seem to like talking on the phone (I do, I much prefer it to texting, which is expensive and inefficient). I can't tell if he actually really likes me or if it's just an Aquarius thing. I don't know very many of them. I guess he must to ask me out, but he mystifies me!

    I have several questions for anyone with experience with Aquarians, and any help is appreciated! 🙂 One, how do they express that they like someone (or vice versa)? What are your experiences dating/knowing/etc Aquarians, or if you are one, what is your take on this subject? What do you/they typically like/appreciate in a person (or vice versa)? Any knowledge or insight on this subject is very much appreciated!

  • I cant talk for all aquarians, but im an aquarian female and im very deep 😉

  • Yes, if you understand us we are very deep 🙂

  • yes dated an aquarian yes there deep into them selves save your self heartache walk away

  • they are everyones freind they want you to give heart and soul then they need space he will lavish you with gify offer advice then when your in love they bolt they cant handle commitment at all unless its on there terms read up on aquarans

  • Hi, Aquarians love anyone who are themselves and are comfortable being themselves. It might seem that we are all to ourselves but not true. We enjoy our own space. That doesn't mean that you can't be part of us. We have down-time--no biggie. Whomever you decide to date, make sure you get to know them first.

  • Ok thanks everyone!

  • He'll make the best friend in the world. Just don't get serious. Moon children tend to cling. This makes an Aquarian break out in hives. They love to laugh(if only internally). They also like delving into space, time and the universe. He's a spaceman. You're a homebody. "Never the twain shall meet" but you'll learn a lot. Oh, they love electronic gadgets. That's why he likes to text.

  • Yes, I am Aqua and yes we do like our space. That is a must for us. I know that we a very focus and does not like a lot of confusion. I have come in contact we Aqua men and come to find out that they are not the most trustworhty people. Men are so different then women in that are.

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  • I can't rid of my Aquarian. Yes, I've tried but now I'm stuck with him- for 7 yrs! LOL

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  • As the name hints at i am an aquarius female though , and i can't speak for all water bearers nor would i try as but i can say the texting is not only a guy thing these days but yes i sometimes prefer the written word even if in electronic format to the fear of awkwardness on the phone or pauses in conversation.

    We are deep but the sigh in general is the humanitarian of the signs(they look outward)... however each person is different. We do like our space at times but we are not aloof or unemotional robots it just seems like that the same as if you looked at a seemingly calm river surface not guessing there is a tide of current underneath. He most likely wont be big into over the time emotional displays so if that is what you seek you might keep looking however we are loyal to a fault most of the time and once you're 'in' you're in, unless something happens. Also we do appreciate knowing that you care but don't smother us. Telling us how much you enjoy being around us and how good a time you have etc is great but don't go booking a vacation as a 'surprise' a few months out it would hit our claustrophobic space nerve and you wouldn't like the reaction. All in all it really depends on the individual guy but i'd say see where it goes and all that good stuff.

  • Sweetie! You are going to get lots of answers on this one I think.......

    Being an aqua myself I can say that things are going the way he wants them. Too much contact too early makes us feel confined. We subconsciously want to know that the other person is not “needy”, “clingy”, dependent on another for happiness.

    Keep in mind that there are also points in our life (many actually) that we just need to recover (down-time as some say). He may retreat for an hour every day, one day a week, or it may be a weekend a month. This gives us our time to regroup our thoughts, energy and to look ahead at where we’re going. Think about the lessons our past has brought to us.

    Know that you will be confused a lot getting to know this guy. We can change direction often and surprise you like no other can.

    I agree with previous posts, and say you should study up on Aqua men. But don’t forget his moon…..this may contradict some of the known traits of an Aqua, or it may just enhance them. Show an intellectual interest in his personality. This will interest him.

    And FYI: I currently have an Aqua man trying to set foot in my life. I find him interesting, handsome, and dedicated to his goals. I also find him high on himself, not able to show appreciation (I’m sure he has it..just can’t show it), and inconsiderate of others time.

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