Dream of being a bride?

  • Hi,

    Can any one intepret a dream of my self being a bride? The gowns colors were gold, lavendar, and a darker lavendar. Does any one know what this means? I looked in several dream books. I was not happy with what they said, does any one have an opinion?

  • Being a Bride can be a wonderful dream -- I usually see that as a symbol of unification with some other part of yourself, and also it can be a dream of you making a real commitment to yourself. I see lavendar and darker lavendar as referring to higher parts of you, like soul levels, higher self, things like that. Gold is wisdom. So - I would say that you have made a true commitment to connect with your spiritual self and IT's wisdom will be touching you and your life.

    I hope that is some help to you.

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