Virgal here wants to understand a Cancer

  • Hi all,

    New person here. I know you probably have had thousands of posts like this but I really need your help. I think this Cancer guy may have a thing for me but, who knows (first experience with one), this guy is quite confusing. I'm a pretty typical virgal by the way. Very shy, haven't had many relationships, quite aloof, can come off cold etc. I feel in my gut like he may like me but I could be wrong so...

    how do you know? What will he do? True love vs. the mind games he is known for? Is playing mind games his way of testing you? What's the fundamental difference between knowing that he truly likes/loves you and is not just toying with you

    Some of the things that made me think he may like me are:

    flirting w/ me (at the beginning, he doesn't really flirt with me anymore) teasing me, improving his appearance, laughing at my un-funny jokes, getting jealous when I talk to some of his other male friends, compliments me, gets really nervous around me, finds reasons to come around me when he doesn't have to, doesn't really make eye contact etc.

    I'm pretty new at this and this is my first time having an experience with a Cancer man. Don't want to make a fool of myself and I admit that I have blown hot and cold on him many times and I virtually never talk to him about anything besides work even when he tries to start a conversation with me (because he makes me so nervous!)

    I do like him and perhaps he can tell (intuition) and is just playing me? He's quite flirtatious with other girls and I noticed he has simmered down with me in that area (I never flirted back!). I've heard Cancer men can be some of the biggest players so I just don't know. Some days I feel like he can't stand me and I just annoy him. When I feel like this, I ignore him and leave him be but he always manages to come back around.

    So confused and don't know what to do. Don't want to make a wrong move and get my heart broken. Some guys like a challenge and maybe that's all I am to him.

    Heard this is a good pairing btw. Any help would be appreciated.

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