Ascension Through Sacred Geometry

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    Thomas Morton is speaks widely on understanding and the application of Sacred Geometry. Here, he talks of how, through utilizing sacred geometry, we can create a vortex of energy that acts as our own inner temple. Upon entering that sacred space in meditation, we can access the deep silence, becoming empowered to recognize lower thoughtforms and ascend in consciousness and being. From there, he teaches, we become alchemists, transmuting intent into physical manifestation.

    Julia: Just to begin, could you explain for our readers the importance of Sacred Geometry?

    Thomas: Most of us who have an interest in Sacred Geometry have a burning desire to understand Creation — to know how everything comes into existence. When we have the desire to understand these things, the path takes us to higher vibrations and frequencies, colors and sounds, as both are one and the same, being but different expression of Energy.

    In studying the Sacred Geometry of Creation, we first understand that creation takes place in what is known as "no time and space," and that it then enters into dimensionality through the intra-dimensional doorway known as the Golden Mean Spiral.

    Why do we utilize Sacred Geometry? The purest answer is because it creates for us the frequencies of a controlled place of deep silence, the place of The Silent Watcher, that has no beginning or end. The Golden Mean is the doorway to this place known as "no time and space," where we can interact with Creation. It is the sacred doorway to the intuitive, the space to where we once again are God in action.

    This sacred space is also an environment of a frequency of great understanding within the universal All That Is. En masse, we are creating a tremendous amount of discordant energy on the planet, and in order to again become the Master Presence that we are, we need to cease participating in the thoughts and feelings that give rise to discord. The closer we become to the Creator, the further we move from the analytical mind, and the more we awaken the intuitive mind.

    This is our destination: to unlearn, as the Tibetans state it. To once more allow the intuitive to be the directing force, and allow the outer, or analytical, mind to take a step back into its divine plan of carrying out the intuitive.

    So the student uses Sacred Geometry to bring in a controlled space for the purpose of entering into the Great Silence, where we then have a choice of which thoughts and feelings we will participate with. The focus and discipline of Sacred Geometry sustains the silent mind. We go into that space in order to send discordant thoughts and feelings into the Light.

    Julia: Could you compare the sacred space within a physical temple to the one we create within? How does the sacred space in the physical temple come into being?

    Thomas: If we take it as given that there is energy acting within the pyramids and temples, then we might first want to look to the cause of that energy. Every effect has to have a cause, so where does the energy come from?

    The greatest source of energy on the earth is electromagnetic energy, energies of outer Creation that actually surround the planet and reside in what is known as the magnetosphere. In essence, the planet is a giant gyro. A solid core that spins faster than the outer shell creates this electromagnetic energy.

    It's important to understand that this energy has the acting energy of the electron, or the intelligent part of the atomic structure.

    Seeing this, we can now see that the temples are like antenna to this magnetosphere. They call in a vortex of magnetic energy.

    When the electromagnetic energy vortex enters the temple, the electron is split away from the magnetic wave and both are utilized to create three harmonics within the temple itself, and there are in turn three chambers in the Great Pyramid that express these three different frequencies.

    The King's Chamber represents the spiritual, and has the quality of Silence, the place of everything that was, is, and will be.

    The Queen's Chamber is the mental chamber, where for example you could write an equation one mile long and recall it all.

    Finally, the catacombs, or the place of the dead, is the place of alchemy, bringing energy into the physical plane or the third dimension. New plant and animal life, for example, could be created here without disharmony, through this great alchemy of love.

    So the Great Pyramid represents these three frequencies of energy and the harmonic creation of new forms of life.

    Zero point — the controlled space I talked of earlier — is always present in the Great Pyramid. And we also utilize this controlled space in many of the other temples, like Machu Picchu, that were erected as ascension schools.

    The alchemy of creating new forms of life in the ascension temples took place at the time of the solstice, because at the exact moment when the energy switches either from the longest or the shortest day, there is a Zero Point where it was possible to bring these new forms onto the planet harmony with the All That Is.

    Likewise, there are three energies or frequencies that are used for creation: Force, Thought (knowing), and Love. In the third dimension, these three aspects of creation are usually experienced as the experience of physicality, mind, and Love. These are the energies that actually surround us in the seen and unseen.

    Julia: What about emotional energy?

    Thomas: Emotional energy is not noted here because that is simply a combination of feelings and thoughts.

    So we can see the representation of Being One with the Universal Creation or All That Is.

    But the most important message is that we have a temple within each one of us. All of the great masters have told us of this temple. It is the Temple of the Heart.

    All of the great outer ceremonies are simply representational of what we can do and become within. Ascended Master Jesus the Christ said of the miracles he had performed, "All this ye can do, and more." The true work for each of us is within our own temple.

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    Julia: How do we create sacred space? How do we apply this in our lives?

    Thomas: Sacred space was created before the temples. It is a state of creation itself. We can create sacred space in our own temple. If we pray or meditate in one place regularly, we then create a vortex. By vortex, I mean "spinning energy," whether it is positive or negative. The personal vortex is also a Golden Mean spiral. The spinning of the chakras creates a doorway into no-time and space. If we can create the doorway, then we have access to the Great Silence.

    So we utilize Sacred Geometry to create a sacred space from which to ascend to the point of being Love in Action, in the Now. We can express this ascended God presence in the third dimension by applying or being in the Great Silence. We cannot be generating discord and applying Love divine at the same time. We have to be able to sustain the Love in the Now, and extend it out into the dense world of Creation. The same doorway of the Golden Mean is used in this respect also. We become God in Action.

    Julia: What tools do we gain within this sacred space for living in the dense or physical world?

    Thomas: The ego, or analytical mind, has been taught that it is in charge, and this teaching must be unlearned. Being in the sacred space teaches us to move beyond the analytical mind and into the intuitive mind. We can encounter the intuitive mind only in sacred space, and from there we can learn to identify the analytical mind.

    The analytical mind co-creates doubt, fear, and resistance, as well as the patterns that we play through our mind when we are operating out of habituated behavior, on automatic pilot.

    Of course, the analytical mind resists entering this sacred space. We have to realize that we will have doubts and fears about the "inner knowing" or truth that we encounter in sacred space. We have to have the faith and courage to stay with the inner knowing, even when we don't see proof of what we experienced and felt.

    We will still feel doubt and fear, but once we realize that they come from the lower mind, the analytical mind can know that these instead of participating with these thoughts and feelings, we need to transmute them.

    The Akashic Records say that the lower, or carnal, mind sprang forth at a certain point in time. This tells us that it is finite, for only finite things have a beginning. Infinity has no beginning. But finite things also have an end. As well as having a beginning point, the finite mind also has an end point. For this reason, it is much more afraid of us, who are conquering it, than we are afraid of it.

    And until the lower mind reaches its end point, it will continue to create as much chaos as possible, for that is how it sustains itself. It gets its energy by stealing ours.

    When we generate lower thought and feeling, it goes to the lower collective. This is why we must watch carefully within our minds, standing guard not to participate with doubt. For example, the lower mind will definitely seed doubt about what I'm saying here, for it does not want to be found out. It constantly puts our focus on outer things and illusions.

    As a result, we need to actually crave discipline. No matter how much resistance we have to meditating each day or being in the sacred space, we need to apply discipline to every aspect of our lives, including eating and breathing. And we need most of all to stand guard on our consciousness.

    So we have to have a plan for meditation, a plan for the expression of the true self.

    Julia: How is alchemy used in the sacred space? How can we use this practice in creation?

    Thomas: Let's say that we realize the need to meditate and create a sacred space or altar for meditation.

    So we do this. And after we accomplish meditation in this place, we have actually changed the energy of that place. We can walk by it and allow ourselves to feel that the energy really has changed.

    This is alchemy, the actual change in a physical space caused by spiritual intent.

    Alchemy in the mental realms occurs when we seek the silence and transmute our thoughts. So we begin with sacred space and enter into the inner calmness. We then go to work standing guard, transmuting thought and feeing until we reach the Great Silence. And once, through inner work, we have remembered how to reach the Great Silence, we begin to apply this discipline in the Now — in every moment of every day.

    When we start to go into deep silence, there will be a feeling of resistance. If we realize that this feeling is a temptation to procrastinate, then we know that this feeling needs to be transmuted.

    So, for example, we may remember that we need to make a phone call or feed the dog or balance the checkbook. So we then realize that, of course, all of these things must be done. But right now we are learning not to participate in these thoughts. We are realizing that these thoughts and feelings, which have misled us for so long, are attempting to take us out of the Now. So we stop going along with them.

    The best permanent solution I have ever experienced is to be in the great alchemy of lifting up and transmuting these energies, as they seek to intrude, back to their perfect form and color.

    So, to sum it up: When we go into this place of silence, the outer/lower mind tries to intrude. But we can identify the thoughtforms of the outer mind and learn to "tag" them when their energy intrudes.

    And once we have identified them, we can stop them. For example, we can ask God to take the thoughtform and send it up to the Light. If we do this long enough, this transmutation process will actually become an auto-response to the thought patterns of the outer mind.

    If the thoughts are stopped, we can go into a place of true silence. The Light is silent. Peace is silent. We have to move into the silence Now. For there is no other time but Now. We can only be in the silence if we are in the Now. If we are not in the Now, we are out of the silence.

    The lower mind is not in charge. It just wants to be. But the analytical mind was actually created for the purpose of carrying out, in physical reality, the commands of the intuitive God Center within each one of us. If we recognize the thought forms and feelings of the lower mind, we have free will and choice. If we don't recognize them, then we have no choice.

    This Now, which is within the heart, is the sacred space of the temple within. This is the place at which we can reach Zero Point and create. We can actually command thought through our feeling center and qualify the particles to act. This is the alchemical act of precipitation. From this point, there is no question as to what we are, what we are becoming. We have willed it; it is as certain as knowing who is coming to dinner because we have invited them to dinner. When we create something at this level, we simply expect it to show up in the manifestation plane.

    This is important. Expecting what we create to show up is energy brought into manifestation. It is like looking at the thunderclouds and knowing that it will rain. There is no question.

    The laws of Alchemy say to "become the accomplished desire," to feel it, to be it. When we become the accomplished desire, and do not participate with doubt and sustain the application, we precipitate the desire.

    When we command the desire through being centered, we literally command the particles that compose matter to act. This is alchemy — the transmutation of thought into the material plane.

    We will be tempted to believe, through the action of doubt, that the accomplished desire will not show up or manifest — that the process didn't work. But the truth is always that if we don't participate with doubt, fear, or worry, we will experience what we are intending to manifest. There is a delay or response time — it could be seconds, minutes, or days, depending on the amount of knowing that was applied to the manifestation and our level of previous attainment — but it must happen.

    The more you apply these universal laws, the quicker things come into manifestation. But we never wait for the manifestation, for this would mean it has not yet happened. No matter what we may think, God within has acted, and it is up to us to hold this knowing.

    In this space/time between universal and manifest — before the precipitation — it is important to transmute all permutations of the lower mind, and this means any feelings or thoughts that relate to doubt, fear, or worry.

    All lower things, when raised, pass through the violet flame. These thoughts can be eliminated by sending them through the violet flame, transmuting them, and staying in the place with the accomplished desire. The accomplished desire will then manifest.

    This is alchemy. It is how it can be used to manifest the Creation in the sacred space in the temple. We are all temples with sacred space. We can all transmute our feelings and create our desires through this application of alchemy.

    We can move dimensionally into ascension through this same application. This is the greatest alchemy of all, to ascend. We do not need workshops, or teachers, or temples any more. We need only to remember what we have always known. We enter into this knowing in The Great Silence.

    Julia: Do you have any thoughts in closing?

    Thomas: Anyone can create and sustain sacred space. We are all equal. You can remember to transmute the outer or lower mind that will seek to intrude. Whatever you need is here through the application of these Universal Laws.

    These things of God are here for our use. You must learn to become disciplined to apply them. Our desires will change from wanting what we want to wanting what we need. We will be again in the dance of life.

    We are all here to serve. If you know it, that's great. If you do it, that's even better.

    For some of us, the ascension process makes us want to run away. For others, we ask what we can do to be of service.

    If you are a priest or priestess — someone who understands the Light and Silence — then hold this Love Light of Truth in service so that it is available for those that are moving into this consciousness.

    BY: Thomas Morton

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  • Poetic555,

    This is a very insightful post.

    Blessings to you!


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  • Poetic555,

    Is you picture ocf something called a Mandala? I might not have spelled right.


  • One of them is called mandela, there is a new message about Sacred Geometry today.

  • P.S. I've started to see the Geometry patterns in my Mind's eye with a spinning light inside, last night while praying i saw an essence flow up out of me with lights and sometimes flashes of light extremely bright, like a camera flash almost.

  • The white light will get stronger the more you do it. The symbols I spoke of some were like mandalas and others were like sacred symbols that I saw. I saw them spinning and made of some king of light energy. They will spin faster, the light will swirl with ease at times when you energy is higher. You can use them them in enlightment, rituals of protection, possibly travel of some sort i think. you will be able to manuever them within each other somehow. I only wish I could demonstrate what I know how to do without knowing where this knowledge comes from.

    I figured out why my energy might have been so disruptive most of the past week. An ex from the past that I have always stayed close friends with and a friend both had close family members pass away, and one of my best friends that is like a sister to me hurt hurself at work and then had a car wreck a few days ago. I don't have to see people I know closely like this to feel something disruptive in my own energy when something happens to them or their close family members... sometimes I feel out of sorts so to speak and sometimes I feel the physical takes me a while to figure out what is wrong all of a sudden. After I did the reading for Capricorn, and even somewhat before I felt very fatigued and my energy felt weird... There is always a third in the cycle of deaths on people around me...usually within 3 days, 3 weeks or three months...the cycle used to just between my ex-husband's family and mine as we got close.

    I feel kind of bad cause I have not been on the social site I go as much, so I did not find out until the day after the funeral and it would have been a funeral I would have went to. On another weird unrelated note that maybe Bluemoon could provide insight to... When I was in 10th grade, I had a group of males around me that I was connected to romantically in some form or of which was the male that I met online a month ago to find closure...i was located by one of them a few days ago...for some reason this man could find me out of the blue it seems as I start feeling more serious about a person. he pops up out of the blue..out of curiousity, I searched a name and the last male from this group was located online tonight.. I feel that these males for the most part did not do me quite right and I did not do them quite right at that time... is this Karma bringing us all back together for some reason I have yet to understand right after I feel my soul mate started showing actions of his feelings last month? If it weren't all of the males in that group at the time, I would think it would be coicidence...but this is just too odd for it to be coicidence... It's the one and only time I came close to being a player as I felt I was about to be played...

    Apparently a lot of my ascension growth must be in the love relationship arena...and it is coming at me one thing after every fear, wrong doing and emotion attached and event must be closed...Do you have any insight on this? Now I think I know why I came back to reincarnate at a time that would provide much trouble in my love life....apparently I have a lot I didn't deal with well enough in that arena at least in this life time...


  • wow greystar you have a lot on your plate, you are an empath as well as your other gifts, when you do readings it drains your energy as you probably know, maybe you can protect yourself better but i know sometime things come out of nowhere. The issues with the guys if it keeps repeating is definetly some old energy there that needs to be released, or transmuted in white flame or something. Maybe a cleansing ceremony i did one once to release pains from past lives or anything that was keeping me from living my best life now, included my ancestor's too and forgave and released anyone who ever hurt me or vice versa. I believe it works, I wonder if that guy was tied to you before?

  • I am sorry to hear about the death of your ex, there will be a lot of souls leaving this month and coming from what I understand, if you could go to the Akashic records you coud see everything and what has bought you to this point. I will find out if another friend has those gifts, I think I told you about Soap Maker she was very good at Past Life Memory. I want you to know how much I enjoy cooresponding with you, I am amazed at your gifts and for you to ask little old me for help is flattering to me! I may not be able to get back to you before Monday, I will ask b/lue moon again, I believe you are more gifted than quite a few, also the Captain may be able to help.

  • Hi Poetic,

    Thank you. What is the White Flame cleansing ceremony that you speak of. For whatever reason, a person that gets close to me in my life at some point like these guys I mention in the previous post here..i don't know if it was the friendship that I had with some of them or if it was the love of connection I felt with them but it is like our lives are tied together and repeat for different reasons. I think the one I found closer from a month ago was just for healing. It was a hurt I carried around since I was 14 which I finally found release from. I tend to look at this one as a soul crusher... That is one reason it took so long to heal and forgive.

    One of them was a friend and lover that I dated but it is like we are drawn to each other on some spiritual level. If I think of him or if I get cose to someone else on an emtional level, it's kind of odd cause he pops up out of the blue and finds me. The last time he popped up I was engaged to be married to my ex-husband. This time I had started getting more serious with my currently boyfriend which is a soul mate. I don't live in the same place or have the same contact information but he found me... He is the one that I think I have some kind of connection to on a more spiritual level. I wonder if he came back this I could help him to heal from something now that my empath abilities are stronger now..

    One of them was just a friend and lover...really not sure what the karma might be there... The last one of them from that time, he was a guy I loved and lost that started out as friends. We ran into each other on and off over the years but did not really connect again until 4 years ago shortly after I met my soul mate boyfriend. His mother died last week. I think that is one reason my energy was weird. I pick up on things that happen like that on and off. We are friends and found out over the years we still have chemistry, I don't get together in person with him anymore. I could always talk to three of these guys more than i could most especially when we were friends and not dating them. I'm not sure if Mike or Edwin were tied to me before in anyway. From what I have found out so far from people I know that are soul current boyfriend, my exhusband and my best friend that is now my adopted sister. I think my sister is I think what they call a twin flame...some kind of different soul mate..

    I think there is some key in the past lives that might help.. Obviously, the ascension process with me is excellerating pretty quickly. It's like that closure a month ago and starting to participate on this forum has quickened its pace a lot. It's like now I am picking up on things around me more like the deaths of my friends family members, trying to heal a physical ailment on my soul mate, now this with the ex's.

  • I really enjoy correspondence with you as well. Each person that is part of the Ascension has a purpose and gift of which they bring to the table. You may have more gifts that you will discover over time. The information you bring is leading to the further awakening and understanding of many. The information you post seems to bring greater understanding overall as I read it. Much comes back as I read it, but even more integrates I think between the time in that state that is between sleep and wake each night which to some degree is increasing my understanding and sensitivity on things but is also leaving me quite tired at the same time. As this is mostly happening to a degree automatically to some degree, my energy levels increase and decrease throughoutt this process I guess you would say.

    As for what you stated before, I should have thought about the Akash records but sometimes I tend to miss the more simple things and understand and think of the more complicated. You are correct that more will be leaving and entering this world this year. Just in my and my ex-husbands family, we will be losing quite a few over the next few years. Both he and my daughter have dreams about this.. I just have a gut feeling about it. When my grandfather died over 10 years ago, I could see the light and him viewing it three days before he died.

    The house I used to live in had some type of ghost tied to it. When I first moved there, it was like anything that could possibly go wrong went wrong.. My daughter kept calling the house an old house and began having nightmares shortly after we moved in. A couple people I know that are somewhat sensitive did not have a good feeling about the house. I tended to stay sick more, injured more and more exhuasted in that house than I did anywhere I lived in the past. I remember on night while I was there by myself, I saw a vision of the woman that was the spirit and did not have a good vibe about it. I never could understand what had happened there...but it is like the ghost would be resist to a new presence of people there and then did not want to let them go when they moved. I went there yesterday as now I rent the house to go fix a water pipe issue, and went in without a problem and when I went out I slipped on the stairs on ice and fell on my tailbone and have kind of hurt my lower back in the fall.

    Sacred Geometry is one of many means to further the enlightenment process. I am starting to get over the fear that was associated with my know the emotional pain that is inside other people and to feel when death is coming to someone close to me... I think I am finally starting to see that one must turn that pain or knowledge into healing through light...or light into darkness so to speak.. The part that can be frustrating or overwhelming at times is the quickening by which the awakening is coming since the closure took place a month ago. It is a lot of very important karmic situations, healing and knowledge coming all at one time.

  • I'm sorry to hear of your fall and right at the root (tailbone) ouch! We have one more thing in common, something has been walking on my roof for almost a year now, can't figure out what it is, I don't believe it means any harm, it is just annoying and it seems to want to stand right over my head, I ask the Angels and Spirits about it, no answer. Yeah you seem to have deep connections to these guys especially the one that keeps turning up, he must have a "knowing" about you too, you be from the same soul family. With the purging thing, gotta find it, I believe it was a Full Moon ritual where you release any and everything that has ever harmed or hurt you in this life and previous lives and also ask for release for your ancestors, I'm behind today will see if I can get on later tonight.

    Blue Moons says she will see if she can answer a specific question but is not too much into the Acension stuff, she gets like specific info but will try, now you got two folks trying to help, how nice is that? (:) I used to own rental property too but let it go, too much hassle.

  • Thank you so much for helping and for guiding me to folks that you feel might help. I have been praying on this. I know if it is meant to be, the universe will send guides to the answers I seek. Some will require me to still my mind well enough to do some of the work needed in meditation. It is hard to calm my mind right now from the excitement that is happening with the awakening and with my soul mate. I can feel things happening in the undercurrents so to speak.


  • Yeah to quiet the mind is the hardest thing, your ego gets in the way.

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