2011 New Year’s Message: Your Hearts Are Now Cleared

  • A message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

    Beloved one, the heart of humanity has been cleared. The veil of the ego that has been held before them is now burned away and you are ready to open to the Love you are, right now, this instant, if you hear the call. The call is loud and clear.

    Your hearts have always been Mine, have been, still are, eternally – not only Mine in the sense of your devotion to Love but Mine in the sense that you really are the magnificent heart of everything. Right now you are the center of the focus of the universe. There is a pulse inexorably calling you Home to your heart. The moment that you make the choice to open this door, to shift your heart, then, dearest ones, you are free to experience the whole of life, the perfection of Love as All That Is and free to allow this Love to make itself known in the world, showing up here and now as you.

    There is nothing that you have to change. It is, as always, a choice that you make in every moment of which vehicle you shall use to experience your life, to perceive yourself, to engage the world – the heart or the ego, the little mind, the creation of duality.

    Because this call is now so clear, because the borders of time and space as slipping away, know that you are being drawn effortlessly to this doorway of Love, that you might be the perfection of Love’s Reality, fully aware here and now.

    The moment that you make the shift to your heart, dear ones, everything changes – and nothing does, because the Reality of Love is eternally true. It has been the story of the mind that has kept you wandering, looking for a way to improve, looking for a spiritual path, looking for the growth that you need as a human being to finally “get” enlightenment. All the while the heart, your true Reality, is the heart of Love awake and fully functioning. You need only make the choice to experience it.

    And yet, the world of the mind is very enticing and has been for you an exceptional experience. Even while you stand involved in the scenario of duality, attempting to “figure out” your life, to have enough, to find the Love – everywhere you go, each moment that you live, the heart of God I Am is here with you, in you. It is your true identity.

    After eons of pretending to be less than perfect, to be other than the heart of Love itself, there has been a veil built from the belief in our separation that has obscured your recognition of all that you are. This has now been lifted away and every heart of every human being is clear and open and pulsing and fully available to instantly bring you into this communion, into the experience of the Reality of only Love, instantly giving you access to the All, the everything, to the direct immersion in the glorious omni-verse in which all of life is available here and now, all at once.

    This means that you are completely dissolved in this Love. There is only pure Love here and it wears one name and that is Love, whole and perfect. In the very same eternal moment, through the heart, you are gifted with the awakening of God -- the instant explosion of the “en-conscious-ment” of My heart that is you. It is the birth of our relationship – this pure and perfect sounding note of the magnificent experience of giving Love as the heart of the whole knows itself. All of this is part of you.

    You are ready, beloved ones, to move beyond the boundaries, beyond the belief of being limited, or being human beings, and to experience directly all that you are – not all that you can be, but all that you are already. The heart of God is only Love, is ever free, is continually awakening to itself as both the pure and perfect indivisible Love AND the “en-conscious-ment” of the aspect of Love, the outreach of the heart of God which you are.

    Whether or not the mind can perceive it (and in truth, it never fully can), your heart will experience all of this effortlessly and bring it to you as the movement of Divine Love moving through your heart and your being. It is bringing Real ecstasy, aligning you with the movement of all life that the breath of the One is breathing you. Every touch of the Real of Love through your open heart shall be the totality of the experience, dear ones, of the truth of all that you are.

    Because the veil has now been cleared as you pass the cusp of this turning year, then every moment that you choose to be a limited being, you must completely rebuild your identity of ego. That means using your infusion of life to re-create the story line of who you are, of you have been, who you might be, what your problems are and all the things you carry from “life to life.” This takes up the energy of pure Love and uses it to weave the illusion of Love and something else.

    Yet this same moment, choice can now be effortless, can be the truth of the direct experience of Love as the open heart of God I Am in all its multitudinous facets. It is completely alive in the reality of the whole, completely dissolved into a Love that is the substance of life, while also being completely aware of the explosion of the conscious heart of God into its fullness as Love’s expression as the movement, the extension, the perfection of giving of Love that you are.

    The little mind, the ego mind cannot even touch this. This is what I have termed “both/and.” While the mind that is centered in duality says, “The spiritual path is either this or that. It is non-duality, the One, OR the relationship with the Creator.” And yet, it is both. It is here. It is now. It is alive and it is you, the heart of the hologram of God, focused here, right where you are.

    The question is: is it focused through the little mind or is it focused through the heart? Beloved one, it is time to circumvent the illusion, to circumvent the plan of “evolution,” of awakening, of a path that has a future when there is no time.

    Here and now is the whole of you, and it is most certainly time to cease pushing around the objects of duality, attempting to move things as a human being, while all the while, recreating the expression of dualistic living – simply by believing there is something you need.

    The truth is: you are whole and you are free. You are the heart of Love and nothing else.

    Only the heart can perceive this, and only the heart, dear ones, can experience the truth. No matter how many eons you try to get yourselves “enlightened” or free through the mind, it is absolutely impossible. The mind is the author of separation from Love and Love is the truth of your being.

    So shall we not simply shift beyond the illusion of spiritual progression, the manipulation of the dream of the dualistic mind? Through the heart, you can experience “both/and” – the indescribable, indivisible and limitless Love that is the reality of this being, this one being that is All that we are... AND the experience of the expression of Love extended as you, as the heart of God in all its extraordinary facets, all of its beauty and magnificent possibilities, existing all at once. Both in-breath and out-breath, both the pulse of expression and the void that it is built on – all of it, here, now and all of it available to you through your open heart.

    Let this be the year of the shift to the heart. Oh, beloved ones, can you feel the call? The perception of the Real of Love is knocking on the doorway of your precious and beautiful hearts, and you can feel it. And so, dear ones, can others.

    Those of you who are ready to be the experience of Real Love, it shall be for you the most exquisite glory, the most extraordinary expansion into All That Is in which every moment of your life becomes “both/and,” the fullness of the Reality of Love present always, experienced directly as the reality of your being and the communion of the heart of God as one and as many, all at once.

    You can pretend a little longer to be struggling to transcend, to be committed to becoming “more” than you are, to looking at your faults, your failings and your story and continually rebuilding the scenario of the limited human identity. Or you can shift with Me into your heart and even if, for only a moment’s time, even for the span of one heart beat, the whole of Creation is yours.

    It is the experience of being both the Love and the conscious heart of God, coming to you directly in a fullness of Light, in a holographic package of perfect Love. That moment is the only one. It is eternity between breaths. It is the heart beat of Creation where All That Is is not and is fully created. Both/And, all at once.

    The feeling that this brings to you, beloved ones, that moment, that heart beat, that opening will infuse your life with a resonance of true Love, with the reality of all that you are and will bring you peace and joy and a heart that is full to overflowing.

    Right now in this moment where you commune with Me, right here where you focus this second, the slate is clean. The heart is cleared. Duality is gone and all that you are is all that I Am and we are One. Pure Love and Love’s full commission as the explosive extension of the giving of the truth of Love that is, that we are -- that is this experience of God I Am awakening.

    I have said to you before that the universe blinks on and off. In one pulse it is visible. The next it is not. This was My way of describing this experience of “both/and” to the little mind that sees only one thing at a time. In truth, it is both, right now, and every explanation of spirituality, of Love, of All That I Am and all that you are, dear ones, is yours to be, right now, with this moment’s decision.

    Let Me assist you in making this effortless, in giving to you the freedom from the ego that has been for you a true companion, building this world of experience that you might come to this point and realize that all of it is here, and the moment that you choose the heart, the heart’s vision brings you the experience of Love that is, beloved ones, a substance.

    It is more Real than the physical plane, more Real by far than those bodies that seem so solid, that you can feel so clearly. The reality of Love is the substance of all things. Through the heart, this is what you will find.

    The heart sees Love when the mind sees people. The heart sees Love when the mind sees divisiveness. The heart sees Love when the mind names religions. The heart sees perfection when the mind creates a spiritual path.

    Yet, all of those paths have brought you here to be the conscious heart of remembrance of who you are, that you might be here, beloved ones, available to assist others with this change.

    I promise you that to have the veil of protectiveness of the stories …to have this lifted and lightened, so to speak…made into Light and infused with Love may feel to many an ego mind as the greatest threat it has ever imagined. And yet the threat only exists when the ego mind is dominant. Into the heart, and it is gone, and there is only joy.

    So as you see your beloved “brothers and sisters” …as you see the other aspects of this heart you share, ensconced in the ego mind’s reaction to this direct infusion of Love, to the availability of the heart once more …and find such minds weaving tales of extraordinary imagination…scrambling to rebuild the walls… come into your heart and simply be there.

    Allow your hearts to commune with theirs to bring forth such a resonance of Real Love that the mind is calmed and begins to feel, deep within itself its own longing to be loved, to be reclaimed by the Real, to become the infusion of Real Light, to be the movement of Love’s awakening – recorded in the energy field that has been named thus, recorded in beauty and perfection.

    Beloved ones, Love speaks its own language, and being the real substance of all life, when that Love is allowed full presence, then the substance of Love anywhere else comes into harmony, into resonance with the truth of the Real of Love, the truth of All That Is. Thus it is that even the ego mind in its own way is longing for Love. It has simply created a story because it frightened itself and does so again and again by believing it is separate from Me, separate from the Love of which it is made.

    Even the mind is made of Love and in the presence of an open heart remembers. Whether for a pulse beat or for eternity, it drinks Love in and then surrenders to its true identity, fully conscious Love, no longer pretending to be separate.

    As I have said to you before and you have felt directly, those whom you love and name “Masters,” those who guide you from the realms of the Real, are ever dissolved into the whole of Love, being breathed by the one breath and fed by the movement of Love. At the same moment, they step forth to answer every call, instantly becoming available, taking on a resonance and an expression of Love that can interface with you and can communicate this Love heart-to-heart.

    So, beloved ones, shall it be with you as you attend the birth of the hearts remembering, the birth of the heart of God as humanity that has seen itself through one avenue of perception and now chooses to make a change. As you attend to this indescribable transformation -- or so it seems through the tracking little mind -- you shall be in your hearts completely available for the infusion of Love to claim you and to move you forth at the same time.

    In other words, you will be completely aware of your unity with all life as the one substance of Love which is what you are, while in the same moment eternal, experiencing all the facets of God appearing here as the world and all the life that shares it.

    And so your heart shall be dissolved in the Ocean of Love, exquisitely nourished, continually present. At the same time every life communicates its expression of Love, its extension of Love as All That Is directly to your heart. And then, if it is of use, that Love is dropped directly as a holographic experience or awareness that can be translated by the mind to the best of its ability.

    Beloved ones, heart to heart is the Real communication. Every heart is part of the Ocean of Love, so every heart directly is in communion with every other heart and with the whole. This is the gift of the hologram which you have just begun to comprehend. This hologram of Love is beyond dimensions, beyond any possibility of describing. Yet it is totally experientially Real and transmitted as waves of ecstatic Love, heart to heart, in perfect communication.

    Let this be the year of the shift to the heart. I will assist you, for I Am present with you always. I Am the place where eternity meets the conscious awakening of all Love. In that place, at that point beyond describable, you spring forth throughout All That Is, fully aware and fully dissolved and fully in communion with Me, the heart and the whole, the unity and the tender sharing of the true expansion of Love.

    Be on the alert, beloved ones, for Love is calling. It is calling you Home to the experience of who you are and calling you forth to be the open conduit of Love’s pure resonance that the substance of Love can remember itself in every precious expression.

    The heart shall be the advent of miracles, those things not seen as possible through the mind, and the heart shall be for each of you the true experience of acknowledgement of all that you are, and your choice to be the open heart right here in service to the hearts of humanity which are your very own. Your heart, My heart, the one heart of Love, open and available, now.

  • This unconditional Love and Light have great power to heal. It is once we truly feel this love within ourselves for all things, that true healing power may be obtained. Part of my awakening to to develop the unconditional love for a partner and for others. This type Love helps to unify things around us and minimize the differences and separateness that were once there. Blessings be to you!


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