I need help with clarifying this tarot card reading!

  • Hi it would be so amazing if someone could help clarify what the card reading i got means,

    the subject I was thinking about is a guy that i really like so can someone just clarify what the

    general meaning of the reading for me is? i'm very new to tarot cards and i appreciate it a lot

    if you can help!

    p.s. none of these cards are flipped


    Subject: future possibilities/relationship with the guy I like & school

    1st card- page of swords


    2nd card- five of coins


    3rd card- king of wands

    (challenges & opportunities)

    4th card- the lovers


    5th card- the emperor

    (recent past)

    6th card- seven of coins

    (higher power)

    7th card- three of cups

    (near future)

    8th card- eight of cups

    (blocks & inhibitions)

    9th card- tens of wands


    10th card- Queen of wands


    11th card- Queen of cups

    (Long term-potential)

    if you could sum this up for me, you'd be a life saver!

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