Watergirl I need your insight

  • my dob: 3/9/81, his dob 7/19/81.

    im so confused about our situation. will we be friends again? will we be more than friends in the future? does he still have feelings for his baby's mother? im so depressed about this situation. we had a huge falling out and now we're not talking. im just desperate for some insight. thanks.

    I have been trying to get a reading for the past few days. I know everyone is busy but im so depressed. i just need something to go on. please help. thanks

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  • thank u so much for ur insight. now i feel like i can finally just move on. is he still having lingering feelings for his babys mother? does this mean he doesnt even want to be friends with me again?

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  • thank u! i feel such relief just knowing whats goin on. after i got ur reading i officially "ended" the friendship i guess u could say. the only contact we had had for about 2 months was me saying "happy new year" and him replying "same to you". before that he hadnt responded to ANYTHING. but after your reading i decided i needed to stop holding on to false hope. i told him its clear that he doesnt want to continue a friendship with me and that im at the point where im totally fine with it. i could care less and it feels great! i also said that i dont love him any less but from now on i would be doing it from a distance. and that one day i hope he stops being scared of his feelings so he would stop pushing away the people that love him. i also said my good far outweighs my bad so its his loss. and that was it. he of course didnt reply. since this is what he wants im assuming he felt relief getting my message because he knows he wont have to deal with me anymore. do you think thats the case?

  • also im supposed to see him on the 29th. we have a cpr class together if he even shows up. i dont want there to be tension because i dont want to be uncomfortable. i need advice on how i should handle the situation when im there. should i just ignore him? or see how he acts towards me and act accordingly? someone told me to kill him with kindness. im so confused

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  • your absolutely right. the fact is i love this man. and i know hes not the right person for me and i need to let go. i just wanted to make sure i didnt jump the gun by sending that message. the spirit said hes not interested in making things work with me romantically. then i asked about friendship and got a great answer. but the message i sent basically ended the friendship without leaving an open door for a friendship in the future. i know that if he wants a friendship then he'll let me know, and i know that right now would not be a good time. but i guess im just nervous about whats gonna happen when i see him. just when i think im doing good (and i am doing better, i dont think about him as much but its def baby steps) i get these little waves of panic! im trying really hard to work on myself and to love myself more. but i KNOW my love for this man will not have faded by the 29th and i just dont want to go in there and seem unsure of myself or insecure. god forbid i go in there see him and bust out crying lol! but i will take your advice. i'll go in there, greet him with a sincere smile and keep it moving. my cousin will be there as well which should make things a little easier to deal with. buffer things a little. its just that sometimes my stomach is in knots about this!!!

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