Do i dislike and distance myself forever??

  • hi anyone lol

    well if ur interested in reaading this my problem is this ...

    my ex who i was with for nearly 7 years on an off i recently started talking to again.

    we stopped talking after i broke up with him for over a year ( well he stopped talking to me )

    i knew it was his way of dealing with it an i accepted it as best i could. recently we became friends again an actually started enjoying each others company i was there for him n he was there for me as friends do. things were going great an i thought we had a friendship the last thing i wanted from him was a relationship because of too much water under the bridge and i always feel there is a reason there in my past.

    Anyway a few months ago i was in a fragile position because my uncle passed on from being in a coma for 3 years and i coped well on the outside until one night i broke down with my friends an he was there i dealt with it an carried on an after awhile my friends left i was hoping he'd leave to but he said hed help tidy up or whatever but he wanted more i found myself going there but was very honest with my feeling that there was no strings and he agreed.. after a few days of pretending we were still good friends he started sending me abusive messages and i felt very hurt that he could treat me this way so i blocked his number from my phone and have avoided all contact since. i cant bear to even look at him.

    well to break it down am i right in distancing myself forever or am i selfish for not playing his game after all i broke his heart by breaking up but i did not love him no more and felt i shouldnt lead him on if my heart wasnt it it. love works both ways right.??

  • Hello little big heart, You asked so I'm giving you my two cents worth. I think you should follow your heart and if you truly don't want to be in a relationship with him then you shouldn't, if he is or was sending abusive messages thats problem why you left in the first place. There is a thin line between Love and Hate and danger in between. I think you should move on with your life and let him move on with his. Some guys don't understand platonic relationships and maybe he is too raw right now to just be your friend, let it go and live your life, my advice anyway and good luck with what ever you choose. 🙂

  • thnx poetic555 i appreciate u taking the time out to write and your right .

    and im moving on already no point dwelling i need to get a grip lmao i suppose theres always a reason some people end up in the past there jus not worth bringing into the my future! 😉 thanx again poetic 😉 🙂

  • 🙂

  • Hi Little Big Heart, Well, if your heart wasn't really into it, you shouldn't have. Let this be a lesson for you. I guess he felt deception and I guess he's right. That doesn't mean he should send those messages. I would end it here.

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