Star Sign TV / Films

  • Every time there is a change in moon sign or sun sign through out the year the films, documentories and programs shown on tv or in the cinema reflect the sign that might be in the moon or sun at the time, for example the moon was in capricorn yesterday and there was a Densil Washington (capricorn) film on the TV, During the Pisces month, 50 first dates was on staring Drew Darymore (Pisces) and a documetory series about Brasil and the amazon staring Bruce parry a pisces running throughout the time the sun was in pisces and endedn neer to the end on the sun in pisces. Also alot of Fils are launched around the month of the staring actors sun sign, the same with some touring musitions and theator productions on their launch nights. Does anyone else see this or just me? lol

    I was also wondering about films that are could be most appealing to specific signs and films that appeal to many signs. Or fims that appeal to you and think itwould appeal to othe peplewith the same signs.

    Thank you

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