• I feel we really need to send prayers for the Captain. I always come on here to check what kind of messages the Captain has received from Spirit and she has not posted for some time now. She has helped so many of us I think the least we can do is send her lots of prayers. We know she is in Australia and there have been some terrible floods there and it is really odd that she has not been on this forum for some time. My hope is that she is on a great holiday and just too busy to get on this forum, sending lots of love will be great either way. So Captain I am sending lots of love, peace, blessings, and strength energy our way!!

  • Oops. Sending prayers YOUR WAY Captain!

  • I agree, I've been wondering quite a few were in abscence about a month now. I pray for everyday.

  • Thanks for starting this GJay, i have been off the threads for a bit, I'm still catching up on some of my threads...i put a shout out on another site , that i also go on and she shares her time there also... So after reading your thread, I went there and i have noticed the captain hasn't posted for a bit there hopefully she has told someone on there that either she has taken a break, or on holidays...Hopefully its one of those.

    Sending you lots of light Captain...



    aka shatz

  • Hi Sistahs! : > )) Happy New Year!!


    I haven't been around either, but left Tarot as my opening page and was just going to google something when Spirit ttold me to scroll down to the first topic on Forum ........ What did I see? Prayers for theCaptain who has repeatedly popped into my head for the last week & a half.

    Dear Capt,

    I think we linked in the ether at some point recently : ) , but if you get to read this Sending You Love! ~ Laie

  • Yes I join in with prayers for the Captain and all the people in Australia. Great idea GJay.

  • Me too, I'd like to send you lots of positive energy Captain! missing your wisdom on the forums.

  • I as well Captain. I sure have missed you. I do pray all is well and that God has His protective Hands all over you and your family. Hurry Back Love.

  • Hi all ,

    maybe she is away on holiday as i know that the floods are in brisbane and shes in sydney anyway Captain i pray that you are laying on the beach somewhere under a palm tree drinking from a coconut shell hope to see you back with us soon. My thoughts are with you

    Take care lots of love Mags

  • Wow. I also wondered what was going on or if she is ok. Nice of you to put us all onto the same page. I will send prayers and light her way. I did not hear about the flooding so thank you for getting me up to date, Yes she is a wonderful person and I would hate to see or hear of something bad happening to her I do not know what I would have done in my low periods this year without her kindness and friendship.

    Please God,

    Please send your white light of health,

    love and peace to the dear Captain and her family.

    We are concerned for her and just ask you

    to reach out and touch her with your loving grace,

    in whatever way is meant for her at this time,


    Please feel free to add anything you desire to this prayer.

    We all know how powerful prayer is, so please pray.

  • Captain

    angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance


  • Prayers!!!

  • Captain, you are an amazing individual. When I 1st came here, you always commented quickly. Which made me feel welcomed. Thank you Dear Captain !1

    So my prayer for you is that you are safe and well. That an abundant and blessed life is what is yours. That you know that you are loved, admired, respected and needed.

    Ok....I just had an odd word come to the end of my prayer, that I have never heard before.

    Wow !!

    Blessings captain.....

  • Dear Captain,

    Where ever you are, I hope it is a beautiful place and that you are surrounded by those you love.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom to all of us here.

    Come back to us Soon!


    December Girl

  • Captain, Hlope all is well, my prayers are with you and Happy New Year!


  • Archangel Michael, I ask for your defense in my friend battle, please protect Captain against evil from all direction. Show her the safe way by lighting her path, you are my protector and I always call on you when I fear for my friends life both physical and spiritual.


  • I join in this circle of LOVE & WELL-wishing/working for our Captain...

    there have been many changes in well as around our world...& there is lots going on both in our mundance "real world" & on many cosmic planes...

    I am thinking/feeling/sensing that today--the 3rd & final conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus marking the culmination of an opportunity cycle that began last June--right about the time the Captain was deciding to begin the Abundance Broadcast...& I notice many of us here are reuniting for the Captain here now 🙂

    In our circle of light I join my energies to the healing & protection & uplifting of our Captain as well as all those in our world who are in need.


  • 🙂 it's not "freudian"'s tired fingers & mind...past midnight here in LA...but I wrote mundance instead of mundane...

    and so it must be mundancing into dreamland my Lightworking family.....

  • I give my thoughts as I see;People ask and ask

    Until they see what is given.

    What does it take for people to see.

    You were given

    She gave and gave and now may be she has a life.

    May be you need to see what was given.

    How sad to see how we miss a given life it it does not answer us

    But to all who see we send her our Appreciation.

    I even ask why she gives out so much.

    But I know is to help advice.

    Why is a person to give for free..?

  • Hope you are just having a break to reenergise yourself Captain!


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