My scorpio boyfriend won't commit why???

  • We've been dating 3 years and he says he's not ready to fully commit to me. He has been divorced for this long. I don't know if he is scared or should I just let it go. I really love him but I don't know what to do.

  • Maybe he had a very bad marriage and is scared of that kind of committment again. My man is Cancer and he had a very bad marriage and he's divorced now. He told me, before we started really seeing one another, that he's not ready for a relationship yet. It took him about a year before he finally let go of his, fears shall I say? and started seeing me. If you've been dating for 3 years then surely he's your man. When you say he's not ready to fully commit - what is it you want, is it marriage? If it is, and if his marriage/divorce was painful to him, of course he'd be scared for a long time to commit to that again. He's been with you for 3 yrs and you really love him. Don't let go, you'll regret it. Even if he doesn't want marriage again, so what? Just enjoy the times together. My man said he doesn't want to get married again but that he does want a companion (and I'm OK with that.) Once you lose your true love be it becasue of stupid fights/misunderstandings/miscommunications, it may be very hard to get that person back. I know, I'm in that situation right now. Please don't give up on him. As long as though he doesn't want to date other women. That's where I would draw the line.

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