Why do I not remember Dreaming

  • Hello All,

    Maybe someone can help me. They say we dream every night , but I'm the type of person that shuts my eyes at night only to open my eyes in the morning. I sleep like I'm comatose. On the rare occasion that I do remember my dreams they are prophetic and always come true. My friends physic says for me to pay attention to my dreams, but how can I when I don't remember them.

    I've tried asking God to help me remember and even asked My Spirit guide and Angels for help..Still not remembering..Am I meant to only remember the prophetic ones..

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi, On your address bar on computer type St. Thomas Aquinas on prophetic dreams in the Summa Theologica and read what it says. This is what I turn to for answers.

  • lol omg I have the same problem. I dream more when I'm awak then when I actually sleep. on average the common person has over thirty dreams a night. There could be some very easy explenations for this, Like me you may be a hard sleeper, so it's very hard for you to be disturbed in your sleep, when this happens our subconcience is less connected to our concience, and therefor we are less likely to remember. Most people who tell you their dreams if you've ever watched them sleep they are easily woken, this is because their body is more alert so their concience is more connected to their subconcience to keep their mind more active so they can be easily awoken at any sign of danger, and instinct survivor skill, because the concience is what we use in everday life, and often times subconcience is the one telling us things for sleep, the connection between the two is more relevent so ur concience will remember and grasp the subconcience thoughts, or dreams....However their r different stages of sleep as well, once u reach the deepest realm of sleep ur body no longer really dreams, or what activity that is going on is purely subconcience and you most likely wont remember, that is why people will tell you only one or two of their thrity dreams they don't even know they have....stress levels also affect our sleep. the more stressed u are the more restless u r in sleep which means ur concience stays connected to its subconicence longer, hence a similiar function to ppl who remember their dreams. dreams have meanings behind them, the more that's gowing on, the more stress or worry, or if ur in love or sad the range of remembering dreams and what they are are more evident....and last but not least deja-vu is what ur reffering to with prophetic dreams. and while its cool that u saw that in a dream its of no significance that u were answering the phone or tying ur shoe in the dream just like u r, they r insignificant fortellings that dont help any1...and most likely u only remember this "dream" when the thing actually takes place...bcuz ur concience memory was jogged by items....ill do the same thing....this is also true for dreams....ill remember i had 3 months ago when sumthing triggers my memory.....there is nothing wrong with u, it really just depends on ur health, lifestyle, mental health and ur intuitive abilities...im a very intuitive person i can have insignificant visions in my sleep...but if i want to remember everything i have to excersize my subconciounce in physcic excersizes...this will help my concience tune in with my subconcience which is very difficult to do...eventually u will find u can do this even when u are not sleeping....i dont know what the excersizes are ask a proffessional or look it up, i've seen a few but i dont excersize mine...but if u wana know what ur dreaming take all this into mind

  • if you have a dream catcher in your room, take it down

  • Why? What does a dream catcher do? Is it bad?

  • Blossomgr1556,

    I do have to agree that I am probably a heavy sleeper, But my dreams are not something that I recognize later or would call deja-vu. I had a dream about my Daughter dying and she did [crib death]. I took my kids to an amusement park and dreamed that the ride would not buckle up [roller coaster] the ride would take off and they would be screaming for help. It actually happened and they stopped the ride before the big drop. My nephew said he would never laugh at my dreams again. I told them about my dream on the way to the park.

    I do not have a dream catcher in my room.. I thought they were to catch bad dreams and allow good dreams to flow through.

    Do you think knowing this I should be concerned about other dreams that I've had? I've had many more come true also.

  • I have two in my room....I heard that they catch your bad dreams too. Just not to move them. Keep them in the same place.

  • Thanks Dalia ,I read where you said to go and I think I used the wrong word for my dreams. What I meant to say was premonition dreams. I've had them since I was 16, sometimes it can be scary. I believe they come to prepare me for things that are going to take place in my life. My last one was of death again, it's sort of unsettling but I find I have to hash over all the different consequences before i can let it go and be at peace with it. I have been told that it's an exit point and they will take it.

  • Hi, I Read the Summa Theologica for Spirtual answers. I would also pray after one of these dreams for special protection for the person that you are dreaming of. It could very well be an angel that imparts it's knowledge of the future. I just want to make sure all bases are covered--you know. Pray constantly for protection for you and family.

  • Thank you Dalia,

    I can feel you have a good heart and are a very caring person. I appreciate your advice, I do pray all the time and ask for protection for me and my family. I just can't help the deep down feeling I'm being prepared. The lord knows my weak spots and I think I get forewarned to keep me from hitting rock bottom.

  • Hi, I just signed up and happened to see this on here. And i have a question. Almost every night I go to sleep i dream of something but, I don't remember dreaming anything when I wake up. But when I am at school I have a deja vu moment and at that moment I remember dreaming it.And see, this is been happening for so long I have figured out that When I dream something it can happen to me a week, a day, or even a year later! But for some reason these dreams have been slowing down and I have had like maybe just one happen every few days. Can you help me?

  • Vampirechick13

    Hi, I wish I could help you, but I don't dream at least not like most people. The people on this forum are great and maybe someone will read this and help you. Or at least tell you why this happens to you..Good Luck

    love & light D

  • when I was little, I had a dream catcher- during then, I had no dreams!

  • Hi,

    My personal advise. If you use an alarm of some sort. It pops you right out of REM sleep. So, if you can train your self to wake with out an alarm. You will begin to remember your dreams.

    I can also recommend a book.


    This book teaches one. How to recall dreams. If you practice, you will remember.


  • What I have been doing is as soon as I wake up I write down what I can remember. I have a pen and pad of paper on my nightstand. Then I can look it up in my dream dictionary. I'm wondering if you are in a deep sleep where we don't dream. In REM's, that is when we dream more. I never go into a deep sleep so basically I dream alot. I had to go into a sleep lab and I have insomnia big time and Ambien Cr, Sonata,etc. don't work for me. I have to say though, I love to dream, and than learn what they mean.

    Hopefully you'll get alot of different ideas and then find something that works for you. Good luck! I_I

  • SekhmetGoddess and Natalie1963,

    Thank you for your posts. I do not use an alarm now to wake up , but maybe if I did it might change things. I will have to get that book and read it..thank you for suggesting it.

    I have had a pen and paper by my bed for sometime hoping to have something to write down. I have twin 10 year old sons..one would think I was sleep deprived when they were little, but I was not..I can hear them when their sick or need me in the night. I am a heavy sleeper but for some reason I can hear them.

    I would love to dream [anything] besides premonitions. Don't get me wrong they are very helpful and I like the heads up..But I would like to dream something silly that doesn't really mean anything..Me running through a field of flowers..ect.. My dreams are real and in perfect order of events, they don't bounce around. It's almost like being an eye witness to whatever happens and I remember them with 100% clarity. To this day I can remember a dream I had 20 years ago[premonition] as if it just happened..crazy huh?

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