Relationship reading interpretation... help

  • Hey everyone,

    Kinda new to tarot and don't really use it too often. A few nights ago I ended up doing a celtic cross spread for my current relationship and my partner. there was a lot of pressing questions in my mind, so not sure if the tarot was reflecting these or actual outcomes. I chose as my significator the knight of pentacles for my partner due to the fact that this card was an outcome to my previous relationship and I took it to represent him. Here's what I got:

    Significator: Knight of Pentacles

    1: This covers you: Strength (Reversed)

    2: This crosses you for good or for ill: Eight of Wands

    3. This is beneath you: Death (Reversed)

    4. This is behind you: The high priestess

    5. This crowns you Seven of cups (Reversed)

    6. This is before you: Five of wands (Reversed)

    7. This is your "self": Five of cups 9reversed)

    8. This is your environment and those around you: Eight of cups

    9. This is your hopes, fears, and expectations: Ten of cups

    10. This is what will come: Five of pentacles

    It's confusing because it doesn't seem to be about my current relationship, but about how I'm feeling/doing now. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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