Candles and Feng Shui

  • Hello everyone,

    I am a person who needs a lot of candles, but are there places at home where I shouldn't put them? For instance - the wealth corner is a wood element, so should I keep the candles away from that corner or not? And what about the other elements when it comes to candles?


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  • Candles are fire element. So, fire burns wood-- if you can keep candles out of this bagua, it might work better for you. Fire energizes earth element--you can put candles in the Northwest, Southwest, and of course the Fame bagua, the south. Fire melts metal, so if you can, try not to burn candles in the west. Bathrooms are the water element, so fire in the bathroom compliments perfectly, because usually the bathroom has too much water energy going on. Try to keep candles in the complimentary elements, but remember feng shui is about intuition, and in the end, this reigns supreme.

  • You could also get creative and think--okay, I want to burn a candle in the wealth area--so I will burn a nice, jewel-toned candle, like deep red or purple. I have heard that putting a fountain in the wealth gua will help this area activate. (An indoor, table fountain.) Also things that are worth a lot, to up your personal property value. I have heard that both earth and water elements relate to the wealth gua, so with earth I don't think it's a problem. At some point, you have to trust what you feel.

  • Or you can place a picture of moving water. Just make sure that direction of the water (the end of the picture) is not flowing out a door or window. Also make sure that the speed and is not too intense like Niagra Falls. I think having any sort of candle in the wealth area is okay but not having lots of them burning. It's okay to have other elements in the different areas just not dominate that area.

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