Help Understanding Reading please, Muchas Gracias!

  • I can read the descriptions but....... God Bless!

  • Hi Poetic, I read that the major arcana cards (fool @ empress) are pivotal points in everyones lives that we must go thru. The higher power-7 of swords is one that doesn't fit in the reading to me, anyway. Swords deal with air and intellect. It asks the question--are you turning or running from a challenge. The higher power position, I read, could be interpreted as what would happen if you did nothing. So, if you did nothing it would be like running.

    The conflict you had in past seems to be resolved. It's now all about opportunity and choice. You can be more confidant now. You are taking life on a much more lite-hearted note. Your near future looks promising, nurturing. You need to be diligent and responsibility will be added to you. It seems you are very cautious. Maybe too cautious. 4 of Coins may be saying that you have not always been careful w/money. Read 4 of coins is a card of caution.

    I usually don't go past the near future.

  • Also, was wondering if you have dark hair & maybe complexion. The cards sometime mention this. Sometimes it'll say that a person could come into your life like this. The knight of coins is a darker complexion card.

  • I do have dark hair and brown complexion, can I ask you a question please? You remind of Dahlia who used to be on her like a year ago, is that you?

  • The money part is true, never was one to worry about money or worship money or material things, also took chances with money, trying to be more wise with money now and save more, Thanks for your help! God Bless! 🙂

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