Blue Moon....

  • Pray to Saint Michael for help with this missing piece you have a gut feeling about. You give a lot of female energy. Spirit shows me the word GIVE. Your heart leaps fast--you extend a hand first in line--you are wide open. A vulnerable place to be. This gift of intuition knows that--so comes and goes--a bit skittish at the possibility of harm as your male side--the protector is not linked yet to your big trusting heart. How does a wide open connection protect itself from deception? Toxic energies. Giving too much? Being empathetic takes a lot of sorting out AND must be in partnership with the head that can process gut feelings and know when there are contradictions and things hidden. You can be too trusting--and you seethrough to the good soul of everyone--this is a gift--children are like that---but truth is people are many truths and you must be able to pick up--be open to them all or you will be deceived easily and vulnerable. The more you develope your male side--the protector the more consistant your gift will be.Before choosing a post to respond to say a prayer to Saint Michael to guide you to see through his eyes were you need to go or NOT--pray for his protection and ask him to help teach you that balance of male and female within yourself. BLESSINGS! and Spirit shows me purple orchids.Not sure why--hands outstretched being handed to you--purple orchids.

  • Thats Beautiful Blue Moon! You guys are the coolest, i had a meditation somewhere for uniting the feminine and masculine, will look for it, and I read somewhere about calling on Arch Angel Michael to bring your masculine side forward, if you are afraid too. 🙂

  • A big heart--must carry a big sword!

  • 🙂


  • Well don't know what happened to her, hope she is okay. Here is a beautiful Healing Meditation from Mary Magledene.

  • Thank you Blmoon for your help. I wil definitely give that a try.'s like the day after I read that..everything that could go wrong seemed to go wrong at least on the family home front. I do tend to feel wide open to things as you mentioned at times even when I try to block out the things that I tend to pick up. Like today, I could tell my dad was still angry about something...I ended up after I left defensive and angry for no reason...until I realized what I had done which was to pick up on his emotions....then I tried to ground them...I feel much better since doing that. It was strange to recognize it so quickly after it happened though. It was nice in a way as I seemed to rebound much quicker. Once I realized that I can't tiptoe around everyone in my families feelings all the time and that it is their responsibility on how they react or the attitude they have to it. I don't know if that makes much sense...but it was like I realized they are responsible for their own reaction just as I am responsible for what I say. It is not for me to feel guilty for how it made them feel as this was something that needed to be aired out long ago.


    Thank you for your concern. I will definitely read the recent forums and also try Blmoon suggestion about Saint Michael . Kind of had a family falling towards the end of the weekend that was somewhat overdue. I typically let things roll off my back pretty easily and move on. This time I spoke up and upset a few people but I felt it was something I should have said a while back but it made my dad angry with me. We have a family situation of which is hard to balance each individual family units needs against the whole. I think our family is getting to a critical point of either coming to terms while balance each units needs or having to admit that even together we might not be capable of providing the kind of care my grandmother needs on a daily basis. I think this is the first time I have not felt guilty for speaking up even if it might have angered or hurt my father's feelings. It is just a delicate situation to where if we are not careful my grandmother could digress instead of viewing it as a growing pain so to speak...


  • I am very curious, do either of you know what purple orchids symbolize?

  • No but I will looke it up, Greystar I understand the family thing, never easy we have so many issues even from childhood, if you got something off your chest you did the right thing, better out than in because if you keep it in, it festers and grows.

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