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  • Just a note to say Happy New Year, I've noticed you around but always in a hurry, you helped me so much last year with my spiritual journey and I just wanna say thanks and I always keep you in my prayers! Wishing you a Peaceful, Abundant and Happy New Year!

    Did you feel the Intensity of the Energy on 12/21/- ?? Wow it was amazing! Looking forward to the 4th now I believe for the next Big One!


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  • Okay you didn't see this yet, there is a new friend named GreyStar on here, has skills and is going thru the "awakening" process, can you please see if you can offer any advice? Pretty Please, Love ya!


    Under my thread for Enlightment....

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  • I have already crossed paths with your friend---on another thread--she responded to a post I posted for someone and she explained my thoughts very well. I didn't sense she needed any help and she didn't ask---was there a question she had you would like me to talk about? I got the impression her intuition was right on. I don't read all the posts--just drop in if I feel the urge.I will click on her and see if Spirit has something for her. BLESSINGS! My you've been busy!

  • Yep, she is skilled by doubts herself, something about threads and the Akashic Records.

  • Okay, she was not sure where she is on the Accension Ladder?? Will be back tomorrow, love ya! 🙂


    Blue moon look at the last comments, she is very gifted, just unsure of her abilities to some extinct. Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless. 🙂

  • Okay, I like the lady, wish I could help more. 🙂

  • hey poetica

    still not sure how I can help--read the thread you suggested. I know you have been enlightening others with inspiring info and there has been a lot of assension talk but must confess I can't tell you much on the sunject as I'm really not well read about it. I only know the changes I pick up as messages--I'm aware of the universe as far as changes and influences--I am not attached to any idealology in fact I am not influenced too much with info that fills my head.. BUT I am aware of the universal challenges that have affected us all the past three years. I'm aware of the power in the stars that affects us. As an artist I'm very aware of the times as art--all genre's reflect the universe so I'm aware but do not read up on predictions and signs and rules and guidlines. In the same way that I do not read tarot cards like a true book learned teacher but as a psychic I can look at a spread and read it from that perspective.Although I do have some brain knowledge. SO in that light not sure I can answer some of these assension questions for you. What I know is this year is a wonderful time for those who have been healing and doing the hard stuff. The earth is shifting from ego based power to a more spiritual place---we have been personally and universally letting go of things that don't really matter or feed the spirit. We are hopefully moving towards mor compassion and kindness to each other--our brother's keeper mentality.We are hopefully moving through the superficial to the soul. This is global as well as personal--so there has been a lot of pain and strife out there as people have been forced to let go of parts of there lives that do not work. This is the year of "no more wounds" for those who have been healing aspects of them selves that have sabotaged them all their lives. This year is an abundance year for many of us. The last two or three months have been a rollercoaster of in and out of change--reflecting the old--a bit frightened or doubting of the new. Change shakes things up. ALSO--there is always a counter movement--a tug between good and evil energy--one shifts the other counter shifts fighting for a bigger space so we all feel that. Here is my global predictions--a new time FINALY! for music art and literature. We will see a surge of "soul" coming back to music--more like the sixties and seventies. It will be more ART and less corporate buisness and hype--the kind that is motivated by greed and superficial temptations--pleasure and money and fame. We will see more banding together of groups who watch over the weak--our brother's keeper. There will be a counter culture emerging that pulls others away from the worst of the techno self absorbed numbing trend the computer age brang. Instead, a new energy will balance that with using the internet to unite and fight injustice--again the message "our brother's keeper" I see a complete change coming in the education system as people band together to intervine---a lot of this energy is coming from all the people who right now have come into their healed power so as I said it is so very divinely linked.. So my advice is for everyone to concentraite on their healing and not so much outside themselves as when you heal--the iniverse heals a bit as well. BLESSINGS. If your friend has a personal question--I will connect for her---I will be busy soon and you won't see me here for awhile.

  • Okay, thanks, I heard and read a lot of that too, I read everything and believe only what rings true in my heart, i've come a long, long way! I know we all have our own journey, I read about the creativity thing too, exciting times, I know our best answers lie within us thats for sure, I will tell her. I'm trying to find something to keep me busy too and out of trouble, need a side biz or maybe go back to school. It' like 4 steps up, 1 or 2 steps back, but am getting there. I wish you success with whatever you do! P.S. I have lost 14 pounds already this year, hope I can keep it up!


  • Congrats on the weight loss! Doesn't it feel good? I love that feeling---I made a big drop last year then just maintained after that but about readiy to get "physical"--I'm very active and work hard but miss the aspect of me that is the athelete--I mention this because I sense the same urging in you--to get going with energy in a productive way. Everone has resting months out of the year--Jan. is one of mine--although I am working xtra at work! so putting off the work out schedual until Feb--actually the next new moon. In the past I've always felt my true self when most atheletic--running--or dancing as well as weight lifting. I've done years of Jazzersize but they moved too far away---most of the dance fitness around me is one or two days and that just beats you up and keeps you sore--it has to be at least 3 days a week to make a difference. I have no excuses as I know enough to do it at home--even have all my own equipment--I do love being in a room of strong motivated woman--all ages and sizes--it really pumps up the motivation and the energy is so positive. You go girl! And we can share full moon progress each month. I'd love to be your workout buddy. BLESSINGS!

  • Yeah, me too we would have fun and RC! I do have pent up energy, wanna get going, I used to teach Arobics years ago (can't spell anyomore). My feet are weak from the weight so I have to be careful but I'm gonna start walking, getting bored. I tried to tell Greystar i think she is in England or Ireland, we are so blessed to have all these talented people. Keep in touch, this girl Paddi is going to see if she can see anything too.

  • HI Blmoon,

    I hope you are doing well. I realize that we came in contact on a thread where Capricorn444 requested for me to see if I felt anything intuitive in regards to that topic. As I am relatively new to doing intuitive readings for anyone besides people I have grown up with most of my life and they have mostly been face to face until that day, I feel like a person who has the gifts but has forgotten many of the important steps whether they be from past lives or etc. It's like I know step A...step D but have forgotten some of the steps inbetween if that makes sense. Any insight into past lives or further on my path would be greatly appreciated.

    Blessings to you!


  • Grey star I believe all will be revealed to you in time, Blue Moon will see this though, sometimes I have a block or blockage and I figure the Universe does not believe I'm ready yet for whatever it is, everything is so slow with them, can't be rushed, trust me I tried, I think it's to keep us from hurting ourselves, it took a year of meditation before I saw all the things I see now, our paths will be revealed, I think it's gonna start speeding up later this year though.

    I think because you do remember so much you are a more evolved soul, they say with each re/birth or incarnation we grow spiritually and retain our gifts if we complete our life's purpose for each incarnation, make sure you read the one I posted today, cool!

  • short cut and the one for Empaths maybe things you can teach your daughter.

  • Thank you sooo much Poetic. I just keep thinking I am missing something that is important.

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