Heaven#3690 Happy New Year from God

  • Here it is. The first day of a New Year. Why, it looks like any other day. It is winter or summer. There is daybreak. There is weather, and there is a radio that announces the weather. There are clocks that tick and clocks that are silent. Where did the cuckoo clocks go?

    This is a splendid New Year’s Day. It has been getting itself ready for you for Eternity. This is the year you have been waiting for. Wait for it no longer. It is here. The day you have longed for is here. It is here right now. It is a beautiful dance floor prepared for you. All you have to do is to get up and dance on it. Are you ready?

    Everything is here. Everything you could possibly want is here. Everything is yours for the choosing. In fact, you have chosen this most wonderful year of your life. Yes, it is here, and you are here, and what can be wanting? This is the year that your dreams come true. Your dreams are served to you on a silver platter. Your dreams are canapés. You request them, and they are served to you. You serve them to yourself, you understand. Oh, well, yes, with a little help from Me. You have desired all the good that is to come at My urging.

    Now I urge you to get up and avail yourself of the glory I have laid out for you.

    It is not a scavenger hunt. All is laid out right on the table. Serve yourself. There is nothing that you cannot have except selfishness, beloveds. Selfishness, you cannot have. How to explain this? You cannot have unselfishness either. It is not an issue. How can there be selfishness or unselfishness when love rules? Giving love is the same as serving yourself. There is no better service to you or anyone. That you love is what I desire above all. That you love is My New Year’s resolution. That you love is what I have always wanted. You must have known that.

    From the first moment I saw you, I knew you were the one to give love. You would be the sun that helped the world to grow and blossom and bear fruit of divers kinds. I saw you, and I knew you were good and the world was good. It is good, and now you are going to make it a world of splendorous love. You are going to polish love and make it shine. You are going to shine the world and see My face everywhere, for, of course, I am the Face of Love.

    This is the New Year of God. Of course, I am the same as always, and yet this is the New Year of God. This is the year that My wishes are fulfilled. This is the year that I can sit back and leave the world to you, and I can say, “It is good.”

    This is the year I can lie in a cloud and look up and look up to My heart’s content. I have asked you many times to look up at Me, and now I look up at you. I recline, and I look up at you for you are moving Heaven forward.

    You are My heart’s desire, and you are the fulfiller of My every dream. My dreams are never wasted. They always come true, and you are the ones who make My dreams come true. All along, you thought it was I who was the fulfiller of dreams, and now you learn that it is you. You are the dream and you are the one who makes dreams come true.

    Happy New Year.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks I'm great! I noticed the Energy today is like the Intense Energy on 12/21 Happy NEW YEAR DMICK!

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