Any other insight on this reading from greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Everyone,

    This is my first reading of the New Year and would like some feedback. I tried a new spread using an 11 Celtic Cross Spread I learned from I used the Rider-Waite tarot deck. To make a long story short, I have been unemployed for nearly 3 years here in the US. The economy has been very crummy but I am not allowing it to limit my thinking like I did in the past. I believe there is something waiting for me but I can't arrive to it fast enough. My question for this spread is "Will I work in my dream job in the next 3 months?" My interpretation is as follows, but allow me to cut through my bias and kindly provide any of your insight.

    All the cards are upright

    Card 1: Self- Four of Swords- taking a break and find time for preparation and reflection and avoiding impulsive behavior

    Card 2: Situation- The Lovers- faced with a choice, one that challenges your ability to trust myself

    Card 3: Challenges and Opportunities- The Moon- overriding fear of the unknown

    Card 4: Foundation- Page of Cups- deeply influenced by idealistic environment

    Card 5: Recent Past- Five of Cups- recently lost something

    Card 6: Higher Power- Nine of Cups- great abundance has always blessed me somehow

    Card 7: Near Future- Six of Wands timing and conditions will soon be right for some personal and collective success

    Card 8: Blocks and Inhibitions- King of Wands- watch my undermining tendencies, negative self talk and over critical thinking

    Card 9: Allies- Seven of Wands- draw inspiration from people who are where I would like to be professionally

    Card 10: Advice- Queen of Pentacles- loving and supporting influences will guide me

    Card 11: Long Term Potential- Three of Swords- loss and difficulty, delays?

    Overall interpretation: Keep working and focusing in many ways to manifest my career but it may take a while before I begin working again?

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