• I need some of those games lol !!!!! I wanna whak my man for not picking up after hisself & that goes for my son too whack whack whack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Turkeyshoot is found online, just google it, Over The hedge is a pc game i bought. It looked like fun n whenever someone has effed me up or im ggrrr mood i smack it on n play it, b4 long ya aint effed anymore but in the game lol

    Today ..................... i wanna WACK period to hell. I sensed it would come BUIT not just yet. Talk about a weekend destroyed. Ah well the second resident evil is shown tonight, n i can loll away the day ....................... who says one has to do anything on the 1st day of peridos anyways? if any says sure u do ill WACKWACK WACK YA.

    I ain´t ready for another round of crambs n pains so WACK WACK WACK to that also. Grrrr.

    I also wanna WACK my intuition, not 4 the wonderful messages it hands me but more the LACK of whats missing. Lemmi give ya an example. My intuition hints strongly that a certain someone will visit, i see him approaching as if i watch a life play, n then gone n i feel deprived. I want it to happen as soon as possible. Today even ........................... n then WACK elloooooo period no hanky panky or fund times ....................... So i yell GIMME A FEW DAYS, come ina few days time. ........................... selfish? who me? WACK u!

    Or intuition hints job / aprenticeship / u get hired n i get all YYAAYYYYY ................... what it doesnt say is when or how n i go ggrrr n WACK WACK WACK

    Hmmm again my intuition says Feb n im almost shouting thast 2 or 3 weeks away ..............elloo WACK MESELF Feb starts NEXT WEEEKKK !!!! ELLOOO WAKEY WAKEY

    WACK meself .................OW! LOLOLOLOL I CANT WAIT .............. but WACK i hafta.

    Guurrrll BE PA TI ENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WACK That word patient my EFF!!!!


  • Ma stopped by, within moments in her clean clean clean n more clean mode. drove me up a wall in end. i had to ok go now scram shoosh beat it go play in freeway bc now u start to eff me off 4 real. so ma WACK WACK WACK

    ps thanx for the help but still WACK WACK WACK

  • OK day has just started........ But I am sure I will have Wacking to report before it done.


  • I would like to wack pretty much everything. WAAAAAACK!! Especially today...and tomorrow.. nnnn the next after that. And so it goes on.

  • OK just woke up LET THE WACKING COMENCE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guess what I found?????? Yep you guessed it a dirty kitchen!!!!!!! GRRRRRR

    In my fellas diffence he made dinner last night. I know your thinking whats she going on about. Well here it is. He used all 5 of the mixing bowls. Ok the dinner dishes I expected. but I went to bed early and he must have got hungrey. Dinner was pulled out again and even more dishes are all over the counter. AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH To boot he never put the unused portion of dinner up. He is sleeping right now so I think I will tip-toe in and wack him with a pillow.

    Here we GO shhhhh very quite now......... Tippy tippy tippy WACK WACK WACK LOL ok Im not gona but it feels good to write.

  • This is for u to use on ur man Savannah

  • I would like to WACK my life and myself into shape. Its like that devo song Whip It?!

    WACK/WHIP everything thats not working in my life and get on with it. HAHAHAHHA

  • I WANNA wack all the whining woman who throw a whole slew of male based alone on their sun star sign. disregarding there is more to a person than his or her star sung sign.

    too effing easy if u ask me. we forget we as women are gfar more than our smidge oif a sunsign n starsign. upbringing for one, school another, work a 3rd, friends, sports we have done, interests n so forth n so on, all forms us. adversaries , struggles, illnesses etc

    How come we´re so hellbent on showing proving we´re so more than what meets the eye, but when it comes to someone whom, we dont fully get, its star sunsign alone we accuse, judge n sentence on?

    To all you ladies i WACK WACK WACK ya!

    You´re the ones who cry wolf when anyone dares accuse judge n sentence you from one look or from one post or one line u have spoken. u blow n give em hell.

    when u feel like this, the why the EFF do u not extend it to that guy you throw under the bus???

    WACK WACK WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't want to whack anyone because I am a peaceful person. But I wanna say how angry I am at the fact that this place is no longer a forum of help, empathy and understanding. It has become one dripping with judgement, impatience and cruelty. Catty Catty women....

  • well said gurlfrien, well said indeed

  • I wanna know what attracts people to this site? , I joined because i am into tarot i read tarot , i want to chat with like minded people on tarot yet Ive made some great friends along the way on here that are not into tarot cards at all ..

  • I was 1st drawn bc of the often spookingly accurate daily horoscope, and the free charts n stuff. I then ventured into the forum to see what it was about. I found friends, n a place to explore my gifts ti help people n find help whenever i needed it.

    in course of time i ran into many vampires, selfabsorbed peeps n higher than thou personalities. some worse than others. these days as has been the look for uhh almost 2 if not 3 years whiners ..................... one may say its a legit whine from time to time other times its the general look time n again

    too many complain of the same issue againn again month after month year after year, instead of ok ive whined for a month now, what have i as me done wrong to get here, what can i do to change this so i can go from whining to yes i did it , i changed it n now woohoo i rock again.

    i guess its easier to point that blame finger on all else but oneself as well. foregetting it takes 2 to tango, n on the contrary to the normal n belief, it does take 2 to ruin it.

  • here I will start you out on change - on sunday i did something i have never done. I got a massage!!! and it felt really good to do something for myself instead of listening to people whine and I am going to do it again so the only thing i will be whacking is the people i work with they are adults and they can do their job instead of having me or the office manager do it for them.

  • Thats Great Shadowmist good on you . you go girl you totally deserve it !!

    Yes CWB i totally agree there are many energy draining vampires on this site , alot of love sick zombies that only hear what they want to . Myenergy is low just posting about it .We need to get some garlic cloves , holywater and a crucifix to protect ourselves lol.

  • Nah aahh living, what we need is some macho courageous men who will come n speak out bluntly shaming those vamps into silence n being OFF forum for a good month. THAT may help, BUT knowing men, is this the LAST thing ANy of em wanna do. Not that i blame ém.

    No mayb an isle we can place em all on, an isle far from anything at all. including electricity and internet phone connection.

    Come to think of it, i wanna go to such a place, but internet HAS to b there hahaahahahah

  • Oh i FORGET i wanted to WACK the jobservice for sending out a DUTY MEET OR ELSE when at the meet it was said ITS VOLENTARILY to stay n listen.


  • Good day all.... Just saw your post CWB Love the photo but Writing and doing are 2 different things. We talked about it and I will see how it goes. I will, I am sure, need to remind him again. But hes a good fella even if he doesnt keep the kitchen clean.

    Now for the Wacking of the day........ Standing in line Getting lotto tickets. There is a line behind me I offer to wait till line is down and was told I was alright. Woman behind me moved from her line into mine. Then got angery cause the cashier was not moving fast enough. ~Not her fault but the dumb machine~ Then angerly growls " How long are you gonna Take?" My eyebrows arched. She had moved outta the faster lane to get behind me and wanted to act as if we were doing something wrong. It was the stupid computer. I did manage a smile as I said."Oh are you in a hurry??? I did not relise we had Royality in here." Perhaps should have not, but she was very rude. So here miss I can not stand in line its benith me. Miss I can not take responsabillity for my actions. WACK WACK WACK and a kick just for fun.

  • Good on u Savannah. I had one who bumped into me ngave me the eye as if i had bumped into her, and said, all ya had to do was asked for more room to move in. Gawds she snuffed her nose in air. I also make it a rule not to go out to shop when elderly are out, bc TRUST me they are RUDE, SELFISH n not considerate.

    lemmi explain, i was ina store to shop, i came to a line that was open and a customer was paying the groceries purchased, i walk to it, and wham the next line wide open only one in line and a elderly dame was with har cart there, she SWUNG that cart clipping over my toes, hurting me and cut me in line. I was so shocked by her rudeness i couldn´t utter a word.

    She looked at me and I gave her a look, and unde rmy breath i snapped " some people!"

    i think she heard me bc she dared not look at me again. From then on i started to observed elderly out shopping n i saw a pattern. Brass, rude, too self assured as if im of age, im in the elderly section so i have more right than ya´all.

    So i make an EFFORT noy to shop when elderly are out. Dont get me wrong i like many elderly but the few rude ones eff ém.

    OH and i need to WACK my mom. she called asking about the meet, n how i was, i said ive still got a headcold headache n she starts her higher than thou i know it all from her effing high horse it´s bc of my health condition of slight high bp. i could have snapped at her, but i was SO not in mood to escalate the dang headache. it effs me to eff!

    So mom dearest WACK SMACK WACK SMACK SMACK n get OFF ya bleeding high effing horse, bc EFF THAT act doesn´t ride with me no more. SMAAACKK!!!!

  • Goodmorning afternoon evening

    Today i wanna WACK this HEADCOLD to kingdomecome. It´s a nuisance. It ALWAYS happens after during a stressfull time. 2 me is stress equal to a headcold / cold/ bronchitis ............n i HATE IT!!! So ................


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