• Hi and Welcome to Today i wanna wack

    It came from a pcgame i play when someone even bloodrelated has picked been on my case. Out of civilcy n for greater good we tend to bite it in. The game is called over the hedge and basically is about wacking a lot. great stress reliever also.

    Anyhews after having spent 48 hours plue with blood family im so ready to wack em all over n over. Not bc they tick me off but bc they all act like small bratty children. Each side worked their best for me to take their side. Im caught in middle n i said b4 i left no way naah ahhh

    Not bursting out at the seems i laid low, stayed to myself. Dunno if i oughta have gone. Best time was playing with the dog. That was the best of it all if u ask me. All else i wanna WACK one n say GET REAL GROW UP N StOP YA GAMES AINT BECOMING NEITHER OF YA:

    in short:


  • How like you to start the new year swinging! You are funny charmed witch or maybe you should change that to bummed witch? Relatives? Some are best left far far away. I learned a long time ago that our real family is more choice than blood. Ever read the book "WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES?" It explains exactly that predicament of looking around at your family one day and knowing for sure there was some mistake as you just do not fit in at all! But you find your kin eventually. As for needing space--I believe every woman must have A ROOM OF HER OWN. Getting angry is not all bad--I was told more than once early in my writing career that I did my best work when I've been very angry--so it's just energy and to use it to our "advantage" is key. The goddess always makes a bad hand work for her. So Wack Ye somethingthing DIVINE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • That is funny Blmoon, I used to be a whirlwind of productivity when I was mad!!!! I don't get mad that often anymore so I have to find other ways to motivate myself (I really don't like feeling angry anyway, so I'm glad). 🙂

  • Hey BlMoon

    Not many days ago i was furious pushed to ggrrrrr, so i sit down n i rant to a pal of mine, I just needed to vent. He ABSELUTELY ADORED my rant. his say was WHAT A GREAT RANT. n he pointed out lines i h ad used like neurones n protones in a gangrene bittersweet something.

    he asked if i had fun writing it. It did help my moods lol

  • Today i wanna WACK My neighbors. Some of em started a fight at 1 am and it lasted 2 or 3 hours. No consideirations for any sleeping children or any one else in the complex. No conscious nor any proper sense of civilcy not even on a bellying work night.

    i swear many of ém are apeholes

  • Today I wanna WACK by spine to wherever and exchange it for a new one. Man its Stings as H another line for it hurts like dickens. ................................ hey wasnt that some brit writer author???? aint he the one who uhm wrote ................... it eludes me oh my Fidding back


  • Today I wanna WACK Alden on his head n ask him as NICELY as i can to make up his blapping mind.

    Today I wanna WACK whoever wreaks havoc in my INSANITY. Just in case it aint Aldens fault. LMAO

    Today I´d LOVE to WACK this day a WEEK nay a MONTH back.

  • May I today WACK my neighbors above me with a shovel over their dumb heads? May I WACK their kids about also? LORDY they kept noisy till about 3 am and started shit at noon. now i KNOW its a sunday BUT for crying out loud when one aint able to sleep because loud party to 3 am, another a hole scramble about for another hour and its FINALLY silence at 5 am, do they expect and believe because we´re up ALL is up and its okay to yab loud like bellowing and kids to stomp like bleeping rhinos. NO proprities WHATSOEVER.

    i NEED RHUM and a time machine ................... or juss a genie. To get me to a carribean isle with all my stuff to a nice greek revial one plane house safe from tropical storms tsunamis hurricanes n what nots.

  • Today i wanna So bad WACK my internet to oblivion along the dang LAPTOP.

    even if it IS TGIF it still BLARRRRHHHSSSSS


  • Today I wanna WACK ALL those people that ASSUME PRESUME and LITTERARY HINT TELL SAY ALL else has no life whatsoevers and that these are STUCK!

    Consider yaselves WACKED.

  • owch!!!!!!! may I wack my hubby and son ? hubby because he went into a sulk last night because I wouldn't make him a tea when I wanted to rest after hauling a trolley full of heavy shopping (it had 6 litres of fruit juice +tinned stuff) about 2 miles home (because I can't lift it on a bus), and when he found the belt I bought, instead of being pleased he said I'd insulted him because of it's size (insinuated that he was a fat Old Fart,) so was never going to speak to me again, and son because he's just so darn messy and won't tidy up after himself ever

  • Chrissi i hereby allow you to wack you hubby the ungrateful n the messy offspring.

    N now we need .............. RHUM !!!!!!!!

  • Today i wanna wack my inlaws

    I cant stand them and i could care less if i never seen them agian they are a bunch of ratbags

    who dont care about anyone but themselves my mil is weak and pathetic and doesnt care about her grandkids wack wack wack shame on you mil !!!!

    sil is a spinster who is full of poison and negative energy wack wack wack !!!!!!!!!!!

    sil 2 is worshipped like a queen yet is constantly ripping everyone off wack wack wack and they let her get away with it grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

  • Sorry that should read i couldnt care less if i never seen them again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • do ya need some tanks, bazooka´s c4 hot seeking missiles??? they r availeble!!

  • OH Cwb yes please !!!!!!!!!!!! there are plenty of more ratbag inlaws as well i just didnt mention them

  • GoooooooD MORrrning Ladys! may I add, a heavy bomber, and a Apache gunship, to the arsenal, please? Cat

  • yes please cat go for it the more the merrier !!!!!!!




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