So Down Right Now.....When Will it Turn Around?

  • Hi All,

    Usually if I've asked for a reading it's been on the light-hearted side and I kind of knew the answer but wanted some affirmation. This time, I'm just so down and hoping for some truly inspired insight.

    I feel so invisible and unworthy lately. The people in my life are draining me to the point of exhaustion. And they are not people I can or would want to cut out of my life. I'm talking children, best friend of 35 years, sister. An ex boyfriend, I can cut out and need to, but feel he kind of needs me to lean on right now a bit and even though I'm not providing a lot of support for him, being kind of in his life is helpful to him and I'd be ok with that if he would show a little more respect. Another person, I can remove from my heart but we are forced to see each other due to circumstances in our lives, and he is possibly the one who's hurting me the most right now along with my children. He's not hurting me intentionally, just the whole situation is hurtful and seeing him all the time is like a knife in my spine, but I cannot avoid him either, and we kind of have to be cordial. My kids are just being teenagers and self absorbed to the point of treating me like a maid/laundry woman/cook etc. (They are good kids and things could be far worse; they could be running the streets or experimenting with drugs and girls, but they are not respecting me at all lately). Their father is another one who is sucking the life out of me.

    I know these people love me and appreciate me to a degree, but right now is just a very trying time and I just want to know if it's going to end anytime soon or if there is something I can look forward to. I do love them all and appreciate them all, and most of them will remain in my life...if they weren't in it I'd be even sadder.

    I'm Buddhist leaning, and I know that meditating more will help me feel more at peace, but that's not a luxury I have right now!! And I know how to 'pull myself out' of these kind of dumps with positive thinking, but neither all the inspirational quotes in the world nor all the buddhist thinking or reading I can do is helping me. I haven't been up at 3am, unable to sleep and crying, for years. I'm just really sad right now. 😞

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

  • dob is 8-5-68. If you want names or initials or anything let me know.

  • I'm bumping this because I was fighting back tears all day at work.....the new day did not bring any freshness. 😞

    I hope someone stumbles on this. I'll be most grateful.

  • 🙂

    Try and hang in there saje, its seems alot of the readers have been resting or taking some time to recharge...

    Namaste Saje


  • Namaste, Sheila, and thanks for the bump~it's kinda lonely bumping your own thread all the time. lol

  • Hi, I will do a reading for you--tarot. I'll get back tomorrow. T.

  • Thanks Daliolite, I look forward to it!

  • Hi Saje, I pulled as your first or center card the Page of Swords. You have a few swords in the center of things that tell me this is a mental struggle (you'll have to show your intellect) in your situation. This is more of a mental issue than an emotional. You'll have to deal with it intellectually and try not to let it cause you emotional harm. Personally, I feel you should guard your health. Protect your privacy. Someone may be instumental in helping you. To your left or recent past I drew the King of Coins. This somewhat confuses me. This points to success. There is also stability. Why it confuses me is that it's out of sync with the other cards. Is there someone in business that you have been dealing with. Maybe it wants to point you to a business venture, maybe getting on your feet financially. In your past is the 8 of Swords that shows you are feeling trapped. Don't wait to be rescued, take back your powers is one way to interpret this. Also, shows you are able to leave the situation. Why are you not walking ahead. Shows you feel there are no options. There are options. Shows others seem to be causing the problems. You need to be direct and tactful. See the situation for what it is. Intellect over emotional.

    I feel like you have been thinking emotionally. Maybe, how much different everything would be if I had a partnership. I got this from the 2 of Cups. Friendships play into the emotions with you. It's important for you to express your emotions. If you continue on this course, things will stay the same. I feel that's why you have so many swords in your reading.

    I'm getting that a lot people probably view you as having strength, purity and adventure. You have many projects. This is what you carry into all this. Parasitic types might be attracted to you. Stand your own ground.

    I drew the Ace of Swords and 3 of Swords in your near future. The swords are aligned with the air signs. You need to have a clear mind and great strength. Shows you need to end what you once valued. A lot of tears will be involved. Coming to terms. You'll be ending some relationships. You'll accept a loss.

    I don't like to go into the future too much. As your outcome I drew the Chariot. After this loss, or reckoning your future looks extremely bright.

    If you want, I'll go into the 4 other cards tomorrow as you have been struggling with this.

  • Well honestly that really resonated with me. I understood what almost all of them meant and who they were pertaining to in my life, even the confusing King of Coins. (I was in a relatonship that was never meant to be, but I felt very settled and at peace while it was happening....I almost NEVER feel settled and at peace with relationships! lol)

    I know that swords kind of mean 'the last struggle' before a situation is resolved one way or you think that the Ace and 3 of swords indicate that this is a short lived thing, like maybe one to three weeks/months? I did a reading a while back in October that indicated Mar/Apr/May things would be different, which would coincide with three months. I will have to look up some things for the Chariot, but I do know there is some not-as-positive associated with the Chariot, something comes to mind like secrets revealed or beware of gossiping too much, have you ever heard that?

    I really value this info. It validates some of what I've been feeling and makes me feel like maybe I'm not crazy! 🙂 Mostly it helps to know that I'm strong enough to shoulder this temporarily. One of my character traits is to help people, and I feel most valued and worthwhile when I'm doing that. But I do have to be careful to not let things get out of hand, which is where I'm at right now, things are a bit out of hand.

    I would like to see what the other cards say if you have time. What positions will they be in? Like are they going to show outside influences, etc?

    Thank you so very much, this has been most helpful. Warm hugs to you!



  • Hi Saje043, Your 4 last cards I drew are 8 of Wands in Self (Attitude) This is aligned with the Fire signs. The time is right. Hope, understanding and harmony are what you bring into the picture. Guard against feeling meaningless, impulsiveness. You are energetic. Your reading points many times to you being spiritual. You are going to have to draw on your spirituality. It will come to pass as a comfort to you.

    I feel like you will receive spiritual help. Maybe a woman. I drew the High Priestess in your environment (others.) This is a Major Arcana card. I have read that it means greater forces going on around us. I've also read that it's a pivotal point or lesson that you must learn. I tend to lean on the lesson. There is some spiritual lesson that you must learn from your struggles. Remember spiritual. In my own experiences, I've learned, that God will present a situation sometimes to see how we respond to it. In comparison to the swords, this card is telling you to be patient. The goodness that you have on the inside is also on the outside. I feel like others maybe your kids are looking up to you. The Moon is aligned with this card.

    I drew the 7 of Cups in your hopes and fears. This card is alligned with the water signs. You have many choices. It's telling you that you need careful consideration. This is an emotional card.

    I drew the Chariot in the Outcome. The Chariot is aligned with Cancer. Points to a well-deserved victory. decisiveness and ambition in achieving ones goals. Triumphant over adversity.

    Along with the air signs in this reading there's a lot of water signs. I think the strength you'll draw from this is your spirituality. There's no doubt why this is such a struggle as you have the 7 of cups in your hopes and fears. Maybe you need to set firmer boundaries, limits with the ones you love. It shows you as being busy. Maybe you just need to tackle one problem at a time. You do what you feel and know to be right. Sometimes that's not necessarily what others think. I think that's what the Priestess brings into this.

  • Daliolite, Thank you so very much for this reading. It was right on, and most helpful. I sometimes forget my spirituality, and I don't know why, because when it's more prominent in my life is when I feel and do my best at everything. This was a wonderful picture, and I am very grateful to you.

    Blessings 🙂

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