In love with a man that is a user,and loser

  • Hello crazycatlady here, I need to know why its so hard to get along with my man,I'm so picky and he some times gets on my nerves, for one thing he drinks to much,gambles,and lies.I'm a very honest person and i call it like I see it.We have been togather for two years, and lived togather eight months.The first three months were great ,but it didn't last long.He started to beat on me because I wouldn't go along with his way of life,He always tried to tell me what to think,and he listend to his (mother) way to much for one thing. She is his enabler,and a back staber, two faced big time.It realy is ashame cause he has alot of resentment towards his mother and did to me that he wanted to do to her.I had to leave before he realy went over the edge and killed me.I know I was right to get away from him, can anyone tell me why I feel so bad, I am a good person with a big heart,with alot of love to give to the right man,and I won't give up on finding the right one.I don't need much to make me happy. Is there anyone out there that can answer me?

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