2011 love,finances reading help.

  • Hi - I am so glad to have the support of those on this forum. I really enjoy interjecting with my 2 cents when I can. I hope that sometimes, my comments help. I am doing so much better than I was this time last year and part of it is because of the advice of those in this forum. I am so very grateful. May I ask now for some insite for the next 6 months or so - on my finances, my job, my love life. I know deep within my heart, that the romamnce has been gone from my marriage for a long time and that the time has come for us to part. But I also know that the longer my husband stays in the house with me, the better off I will be financially. I would prefer that he just move out for a year to give us a chance to explore alternatives. I believe that ti will result in a seperation or divorce, but like many others, I am afraid of change. I am also worried about my job. My job must be secure before he moves on. I do have seniority but changes are afoot. I also believe that there is someone who likes me very much who is waiting to see what comes about with my husband and I am wondering if he will come forth soon and open up his heart, just a little, to give me some indication of his true feelings or intentions.

    My DOB is 3/14/1958. I was born at 4:22 AM in Lubbock Texas. I am not in a hurry.

    May everyone have a blessed and better year. Enlightenment and change are on the horizon.


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