What is in store for me and my family for this new year?!

  • i did a reading for you using my ms cleo power deck

    and using a 3 card p.p.f spread

    1. fool

    2. 5 of wands

    3. 6 of wands reversed

    i picked an extra card to clarify the 3rd and it was the 5 of cups

    you are a very energetic charming person who is always looking for more, you know exactly what you want and you want it now(you hate waiting) you just have a hard time figuring out HOW to get it and you may feel you dont have any support, you may feel as though those important in your life dont take you seriously enough or treat you like a child, you may also feel that you are not getting enough attention and perhaps even being picked on

    there is alot of conflict and arguing in your life about money and or jobs, again you may feel like you are not being heard or have no support, you are going round and round about these issues and nothing is being resolved, i think you may be spreading yourself a little thin right now, you have way to much on your plate and if you try to hard to fix to many issues you may end up fixing nothing, you may have experienced an emotional loss recently which is making these money issues even more difficult, the good news is that the cards suggest that a time of recovery and renewal is on its way, you may even get an unexpected reward, i believe your looking at sometime between mid febuary and may, just hold on girl, its gonna get better, focus on one thing at a time, work hard on it, believe in yourself, and try to find someone in your life who really supports and understands you

    i hope this helps, let me know either way

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