Whats in store for me this 2011

  • HI,

    Happy New Year!

    I wonder whats in store for me this 2011 in the following areas:

    1. Career..I wish to start a short term medical course (Pharmacy Technician) hopefully this January. Would this bring a change of luck for me? Or, whats the best line or profession for me? July 10, 1960...first name ..Natividad.

    I work here as a Nanny and sooner or later my employers will be moving somewhere else and i informed them that on thier next destination, I wont follow them and I want to stay and work here here in Houston instead...and my employer agreed. Will my employers grant me a good release/ reference letter?

    1. Im having a B1 visa...(accompanied by employer) Will I be granted a B1 B2 visa on my visa renewal/extension?

    2. Relationship...for this 2011, I wish I could find a man who will really love me and who will shower me all the affection i need...a man who will consider me as a PRIORITY and not only an OPTION... A man who is serious enough that I could trust him my life and all..

    Do I have a chance to find happiness? WHat are the signs?....names..birthdate? How, when (most probably) where could I meet him? Will he be a native of this country, US? Please help me..

    Life is full of surprises and insights from Gifted individuals, like you help us to understand life better.

    I will greatly appreciate your guidance..More power to you..

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


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