Judgement card

  • Can somebody please tell me what it means when a judgement card is placed in your mail box. When I picked it up, it was face up, not reversed. I don't want to remove it from the mailbox till I understand what it means.

  • Mailbox? I'm not sure what it means when it is delivered to you in that manner, but I can tell you about the Judgment card. The Judgement card is often misunderstood, because it doesn't really mean judgement. The card in many decks is called "Rejuvination". It represents and epiphany or a spiritual awakening. It means waking up to a different perspective and seeing things in a brand new, rejuevenated perspective. Like when the heavens open up, and you "see the light". It represents a new spiritual begininning where everything seems more clear and uplifting. It's a very positive card and points to a brighter more wondrous future.

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