TODAY I LONG FOR ..........

  • Hi N Welcome to the thread TODAY I LONG FOR ...............

    Here we plant our longings. Join in n let loose.

    Today cwb LONGS for getting this dangable bra off once n for all UGH! LOLOLOLOL

    I also LONG FOR my MAIN MAN!!!!!!!

    I LONG to be AT HOME again. Out good home better lmao

    I LONG to be me

    I LONG for love fun with my man and what follows

    I lONG to juss chill n do as i feel good with

    I LONG for pregnancy n kids.

    I LONG for my ..................... oh i did say that didnt I+ The i LONg for my MAIN MAN??? ye ye i did i did like ye ye like i did like.

  • Great thread CWB

    Today i long for time to stay still as my kids are growing up to quickly.

    Today i long for peace,

    Today i long for happiness,

    Today i long for this year to be better than the last one

  • Today I LONG for someone to clean my apartmenr while i zonk out on the couch, I dont mind cleaning but im just so wasted. Keeping up a "cheery" mood when all one wanna do is yell "GROW THE H UP ALREADY, STOP BEING A MORON STOP DICTATING EVERYONE, STOP PLACING ME IN THE MIDDLE, KNOCK IT OFF ALL OF U BOZOS GROW THE H UP"

    By that i mean MY FAMILY BY BLOOD. After spending close to 48 hours with em, i swear i LONG for someone im NOT related to.

    Today i LONG for my man and to b where EVER he is,. As long as it AINT in victiny of my blood family.

  • Today i LONG for considerate civil neighbors. The kind that aint selfcentered n egoistic like thise that surrounds me right now.

    I DO long for silences far far away, well in the sense its somewhat quiet if one wanna rest with eyes close powernapping or actually nighte time sleep.

    Or when u wanna watch a great movie u have longed to see or ur favorite show.

    Then i LONG for so much decorum that one has the SILENCES for it.

    I LONG to wack all my neighbor a good one, INCLUDING some of their kids.

    Dont get me wrong, kids should n is allowed to be there n be heard n seen, BUT come one. They cant even think long enough to take their sled in hand n carry it up n down the stairs noooooo on string behind them bumpbumpbump n in a staircase where the aucoustic is AMAZING like a HUGE church


    Its barely 1 pm n i again LONG for sleep lol



  • I long for a home of my own, but that my men should be housetrained too THE FLOOR IS NOT A TRASHCAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! empty bottles and wrappers belong in the bin it isn't decorative nor nice and I can't have people round as I'm ashamed of the mess....

  • I LONG for a day without ANY pains whatsoever. That would b HEAVEN.

    I LONG for my yet not made children lololol

    I LONG for well yea so what MY MAN!

  • Hi n hello

    Today i LONG 4 that Alden once and for all makes up his mind.

    I also LONG for that Alden STOPS messing with my head.

    Then again I LONG for whoever messes with my head regard love n all the nine yards

    to step up n fess up., bc its no bloody fun.

    i LONG for RHUM ................why is all the rhum gone+??????

  • Goodmorning. Today I LONG to MOVE far far away from here. Im starting to again be sorta really like fed up with neighbors. Mayb coffee and some Rhum can help ahahahahahaahahahaha

  • Today i long for to be a more positive person by not always seeing the worst in every situation ,i long for to be taken seriously and not treated like a doormat , I long for happiness and peace .

    I long for the housework to do it self or to have some magical elves that come out when im asleep to clean this joint up !!!!!!

  • Its 7.12 Am as i type this and its MONDay. i ALREADY LONG for day off.

  • 8.26 am i LOOOONGGGGG for home. Monday turned n bit me on my backside. 4 hours became 6. 6 in room with the ugh puke gag cough gag cough twerp ..............someone save me.

  • 9am here and sounds like you've got the cold-flu that Dylan had last week, and still has now it's not good for temperament either, he's v v moody with it but he's coughing like an old man with bronchitis..poor thing so I know you must be feeling like s***. Must laugh, though (as I can now) hubby put Deep Heat on in the bedroom....and I woke up with streaming eyes and a tight throat, struggling to breathe...he'd forgotten that I'm allergic to something in it or the combination as I can use menthol and eucalyptus separately....

    well I long to have a home of my own, and a room or workshop so I can organise my beads and silversmithing stuff properly

    I long for the universe to not make nice people have bad luck in any way

    anyway heres a bunch of cyberhugs and wishes for you to get better soon

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be )O(

  • Hi Chrissi

    If i was ill i´d be at home under warm covers sleeping. No it was a figuratively way to express my fight to not upchuck u know as puke, hurl vomit ...................has many a name.

    today is also where we get the results of midterm back n so far have i dont ugh. i somehow knew as i took em i´d suck but not this bad. i NEVER do well in exams, written as well as verbal ones. i juss panick tense up flip .......................... mayb i oughta get some exams performance aide............................ i cant at my age fail.

  • Good luck with the results

    I work the other way crap at general work, and at exams ....even without any revision I aced my biology, but I wanted to get my geography worked really hard at it and it was disastrous, I'd done all the work and revision too doing that instead of the biology and english,( mindyou I retook the english a few years ago and moved it up a few grades, but I wasn't really worried about it as there was no pressure this time) I find the harder I try at something the more likely I am to mess up, and that seems to hold even with jobs too the more I want to keep it the more likely I am to get sacked, if I'm not bothered I stay strange.....

    Blessed Be )O(

  • 7.13 Am Thursday ................week 2 .................. my the weeks almost gone!!! Where did the days go? By the way today already i LONG for a LAY DOWN: as in LAy down n b like TOTALLy like SOOO totally lazy ........................ Like totally

  • Ah well ................... its soon TGIF time anyhews

  • I had begun a long slew of listing longings adding funnies when the internet on another site stuck in rut, i shut it down all went to BLARH

    So im .................................. UGH


  • Today I long for chocolate. I long to look out of my window to find it wasn't really snowing like crazy...all just a dream! I long for at least one of my kids to VOLUNTEER to take out the trash! I long for a house I can really have a good vibe with! I long for our foster dog Harley to finally have a good forever home this weekend. I LONG FOR LONGJOHNS..cuz it's cold as heck!

  • i so long FOR FB to work PROPERLY

    i LONG for my MAN to get his MOVE on, as in GET HERE ALREADY!!

    I LONG for RHUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Today I LONG 4 days that are longer in hours yet one doesnt feel it or lack it. Lemmi explain,. at times its like the days aint got enough hours to get through all one wanna n need to. So it would be nice if at times the days WERE longer BUT one didnt feel it at all. BONUS one would b paid those extra added hours. A kind of 30 hours in a 24 hour day with the payment of 30.

    Mark the AT TIMES.-

    I also Today LONG for a VACATION far far far away. Somewhere luciously warm lazy n historical intriguing where one doesnt do anything one doesnt wanna do ...................ahhh a month on the maldives ................... mmmmmmmm

    Today i ALSO LONG for a LONG convo with my main man Charlie. Its been a few days n i miss his great carcass hahahahaahahahahahh oh he´s hot!!! me??? im sizzling blazing hot. u cant handle me unless ...................... naaah u cant ahahahahahaahahahahah

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