Enlightenment for the masses...or misleadings?

  • I would like to invite you all please to give your thoughts on the following:

    This year is seeing a torrent of theories claiming that angels of God are terrestial aliens...It seems the Intent is to proclaim us as children of aliens, and that I cannot believe possible.

    God has so blessed my life in so many ways that the evidence is overwhelming that he has been with me through his angels, with me and my loved ones.

    There a lifegiving Spirit of Light and Truth

    and there is a dark Spirit that pervades almost every facet of this planet

    What is the message we should be heeding at this time?

  • "This year is seeing a torrent of theories claiming that angels of God are terrestial aliens"

    Might be true. I've always felt that aliens and angels were one in the same.

  • Let us say for a moment that this is true - which it could be - would that make us any less "human". I do not think so. The only thing that would really change in essence would be that, instead of being looked over by something "divine: and rather mythical, perhaps we are looked after by a different sort of "higher power" - a set of beings that has more experience and more intellect to know what is good for us and which will ,perhaps, help us save ourselves from our own self destruction, if in case it were true, that we were their descendents. That would be a positive thought to think. The component of society that would suffer would be commercial religion because the very foundations of the way they teach faith would be put to question. And some religions would start to lose money and power as their census of followers dropped. This could be a good thing, or it could be a bad thing. There are many people who are willing to put their faith in the unseen God, but given a living being to trust, their faith will falter. It would be very difficult to undo hundreds of years of teaching. It has taken a great leap for paganism and the practice of "magic" and belief in certain other types of spirits to become more accepted in pockets of society. To overturn angels into aliens would taken and even greater effort and there are larger areas of the world that simply will not be able to accept this (if it were true). And remember, there can be a bad set of aliens and a good set of aliens - and hence - the good angels and the "fallen angels" and which we are dealing with - I think people as a generalization would be less fearful of :bad: angels, than "bad" aliens.

    These are just sort of my own random thought. And these ideas are not really new either.

    They go back years - perhaps to the 1950's and 1960's but certainly to the late '60's and early '70's. Check out Erik VonDonnegen - i think he predates David Icke.

  • This is an old but interesting theory. I agree w/ turtledust what would it matter if it is "alien?" If as they say there are as many galaxies out there as there are grains of sand on earth we are pretty self absorbed to think Spirit only created us. I would like to think there is Spirit in all things be it human angelic and alien. It is just small mindedness to focus on the "bad' or "evil". Protecting ourselves is important of course what else can we do tho beyond taking care of ourselves our PLANET... Why do we have to demonize things?

    I worked in a bookstore for years and the metaphysics section and the ICKE followers were always aplenty. There are certain things tho I draw the line on. Abduction is one. I will believe when I see sorta thing. As for religion the inquisition and the ignorant did more damage to us than any UFO.

    Cheers P

  • Yes - the destruction of many old civilizations and old "religions" by christain invaders may have done us more harm than good. I am hoping that, in my lifetime, we will be able to unearth some of the knowledge that was lost.

  • Thank you all for your commentary.

    The dark I speak of is the intent to harm human life in a viscious malignant process...much like Hitler...or Saddam..or any human that wills death and destruction for the sake of power. Yes..even the early so called christian religions were guilty, burning people at the stake with their bibles.

    I find it hard to accept that an alien listened to my prayer and saved my life not once, but twice. I do more readily accept the thought that we have as our protectors guardian angels who act on our behalf.

    I do believe there are other life forms in this universe far more diverse thatn we can ever imagine..and that yes...they too look after this planet.

    The human has taken many years to overcome fear based prejudices to grow more closely in spirit.

    I believe some aliens are more advanced than others in growing to spirit as well.

    The finite moment of creation..of thought ,is the journey to the roots so to speak...to discover from where we came. If love doesnt play into the equation how unfortunate. For love is exactly what brings us together into harmony...is it not?

  • patchlove - I do understand what you mean - because I too have been "protected" and I find it difficult to believe that I am so far advanced or so "special" that I would be protected by an alien life form :). I find it easier to believe that the spirit of one of my grandparents or a departed friend has been there to "watch over me." But who knows. Maybe they are one and the same. Or maybe - the real angels are disgusted by what Christianity has done to the "old spirits, the old gods and the old ways" because they are one and the same. We ask different angels for help, just as the anceients asked different gods for help. The only difference is that perhaps our "angels" are ruled over by "one God" but then what is the difference in the multiple lesser "gods" of Apollo, Artemis, Neptune, Poseidon and "whoever" being ruled over by Zeus or Jupiter, etc. (Sorry - I had to leave out the Celts and the others - not enough room)

  • lol on the room...:-)

    I have had the thought too...that ancients called on other Gods...even those of Creation itself...the moon, constellations...and do we today call upon whom we understand to be of the highest. And then it depends on what culture one originates from.

    I have read that we are all here, precisely at this moment, for a reason. Wasn't it said it was to be service to others? That makes so much sense.

    Thank you Turtledove,Peasncarrots,Pfree.

  • You are most welcome...

    and I agree it is love...altho be they of this planet or not some beings are easier to love.

    Cheers P

  • Hoping this finds you all well


    Ty P

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