Question about Cards

  • I've been reading that one of the best ways to get a connection to your deck is to sleep with them under your pillow. I've done it in the past and never had any issues, but recently I tried it and I had so much trouble sleeping, and to accompany that I had the most bizarre and outlandish dreams. I'm curious if that means anything in specific, I've felt a bit distant from my deck lately and it makes me feel uncomfortable. Any ideas?

  • Maybe you should cleanse your deck.

  • Light some sage and pass the deck through the smoke. See if that helps.

  • Sometimes, it helps to order your deck.

    When you put them in sequence it helps to create a flow of natural energy within the deck and makes it easier for your own energy to attune to to it.

    Even if they were in order when you got them, you should shuffle and place them that way yourself.

    Or so I've read. 🙂

    I have tried it and it does seem to change their energy for the better.

  • I'll try that out! Thank you all for your help. [:

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