Need Help With Celtic Cross Spread !!!! Please!!!

  • I have just tried to under stand this & I am at a lost. I understand the meanings of the cards but, when I try to put it all together it's just not making any sense at all to me! So, if any one can shine some light on the spread I would be much abliged! Thanks

    Many Blessings Devine-Mistie

    Here was my question: What is the best way to help with my health situation?

    The Spread

    Higher Power - Nine of Coins

    Recent Past - Eight of Coins

    Situation - Two of Coins

    Self - King of Cups

    Challenges/Opportunities - Three of Coins

    Near Future - Two of Wands

    Foundation - Five of Coins

    Blocks & Inhibitions - The high priestess

    Allies - The Sun

    Advice - Nine of Cups

    Long Term Potential - Nine of Swords

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