• Oh my Librachild,

    Breathe. just breathe for a moment. whew! Your man is feeling so guilty in so many ways. His heart is so heavy. It isn't your fault and he doesn't blame you. He blames himself and is struggling to know what is right... for all. A dedicated man is he. Oh what a tangled web we weave....

    Do you really want a man who is torn between two homes? Does he want to be torn between two homes? I don't think either of you want that. The problem is someone must lose. Does his wife know? Does she lose? Does he? Do you?

    The daughter is a coincidence or maybe the force that brings it all to the crescendo. The only thing you can do is share your heart and love him enough to allow him the time to decide and respect the decision. I'm so sorry but you may be the one who looses this time to some degree. Though out of sight you will never be out of mind.

    The lesson for us all is to always mind our ego. When the ego speaks it cuts wounds so deep. Let him know even if by message on his windshield that you treasure the moments you had and love him always regardless of the choices he must make. Set him free and you will be surprised of how it is returned.

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