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  • Happy New Year!

    Recently made contact with a friend of mine I haven't seen in years thru email and I am just wondering if a relationship could form from this situation?

    We met each other years ago when his grandmother purchased a car from my then husband. After that we all became friends and he & I would even go shopping or when he needed advice on moving, jobs, etc he would call me. We actually had a small business together for a while as well.

    Now I'm divorced and he is now separated from his wife. He is younger then me. I am trying to remember by how much. Dark haired, nice looking, funny and is well-off financially. I know his birthday is August 24th.

    At any rate he sent me an email today and suggested a dinner date and I am just wondering how this is going to work out? I of course accepted as it would be great to see him again but just wondering of course is there any romantic potential?

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