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  • Happy New Year's Everyone, Many Blessings to you all, I do believe this years

    has a alot of offer, Good Luck on your Journey.

    I would like to share a little something new about me,which Ive been introspecting for a while now.. "I dont like MEN" on a intimate level at all, I have guy friends..but when I look back 90% of my

    guy friends have been GAY, All my life it seems Ive had a fear of MEN to a degree

    due to my father being very aggressive, and absusive to my mother, & getting

    spanked from Alot, my middle age years I was surrounded by ALL GAY friends

    boys/girls I always felt comfortable, however now entering the dating scene and getting a little older Ive dated quite a few guys & either find no interest AT ALL or FEARING GUYS,

    I find NO INTEREST IN GUYS THAT IVE MET AT ALL, & a huge Interest in women

    a big part of me has been tramatized by MEN, the small things such as being followed home by different men, not long ago it hit me while walking down the street from my home just to take a walk I had noticed about 6 men had stop in the complete intersection to try and talk to me after following me about 2 blocks i had just so happend ran into my friend who was kind enough to stop after he seen the madness and realized i was in danger by these men and offered me a ride home..its becoming to the point where Im more so FEARING MEN than anything, Ive been around several men with aggressive natures & also been hit by MEN while younger...it dosent bother me I can socially get along with men well, I have many guy friends but on a intimate level im not interested at all. Ive never BEEN and it didnt take me long to come to this conclusion AT ALL.

    now this is bothering my conscious more than ever.

    I would definetely appreciate any guidance, wheather I may find a interesting girl or find a guy I am

    connected to for the new year.. thanks everyone for reading and possibly understanding.


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  • Addy...why would you be asking if there is a nice guy in your future when you have no desire for one? It seems apparent to me that your search needs to be with the sex that interests you and not the one that you fear. I was thinking about this and an image of a dark haired woman came up. Short straight hair. Lean. You know me and my insight...hit and miss... but if nothing else, I'm seeing that men aren't in your future at all from what you are saying. Maybe focus your attention away from men and look forward to women you can find what you are looking for! Hang in there! Love and blessings...

  • Same thing puzzled me as AuntBuck. I suspect w/ your history and fear of men it's a good time to focus on healing and the lesson for you in this vs another relationship. Male or female. But look to those who have your best interests at heart dear, your happiness and serenity. Also boundaries dear. The Predator can pick up fear. Those of us who have been abused often have a unique vulnerability we wear and we need to become strong, sure. Pay attention. They cannot hurt our Spirit.

    Blessings Pfree

  • Yes phree has mentioned a good point. the enrergy you resonate will affect what you attract. I have worked with some woman about these issues I understand your confusion. The actions that men have given to you can almost make you feel turned off and uncomfortable around them. Yes that is causing a fear of intamacy with them. Its almost as if you cant get the words out that disribe it. Your innocence was infringed at young and it is hard to go back on that wound that hurt you when you were young. Its a vilolation even to you to witnesds such a thing. Its a violation, it almost makes you feel numb and violation can put you in a shock where you are staqgnant and unfeeling. those men can easily see that and they can be cold and heartless; they will no tcare and at times they are so cold and ignorant that that is all the see you as. Yes I recomend healing an deven a group healing community. Connecting to your spirit self will help you raise your frequency to resonate a positive energy. Spirit connection creates a protection and a comfort that is undefinable. I am happy to hear you have some nice male friends. In this life those "predators" are all over but you CAN raise your frequency and change your perceptions which will reduce the attracting of these men.

  • " I embrace my divine feminity in balance and in harmony" "I embrace my divine higher self with love, guidance and protection"

  • Spirit self; you absolutely have the strength that is needed hereb ut on a resonate(subconscious) level, you are near complete and self-love is the key to meeting your needs. Internal issues can be put into balance through self love and compassion. Tempereing force with benvolence. Pateince on this matter, work slowly with it and embrace your spirit self. soft control. Compassion and forbearance will help you remain pateint and see through this. Do not give up here:)

    In what way do your physical urges motivate you?

    What area in your life requires you to have the most strength and how can yo apply it?

    Mental Conscious: A time to realease old thinking patterns that effect your emotions and feelings. New thought patterns. Your inner self; soft control with mental focus and fortitude can help overcome this issue. You wil need to seek understanding of the root issue that has caused you this pain. Can you accept and let go without understanding it? Use intelligence and focus to gain clarity upon the igniting cause so you then can apply compassion and self love to the issue with understanding and gaining of wisdom.

    Hold your head up high and remember you are very important. Express self love and healthy esteem and be proud of all you have acomplished! Remember your many victories and you can triumph above the odds:)

    Take good care:)

  • blessings, thank you all.

    Capicorn, very interesting..I appreciate your kinds words honey, Prfree same to you, thanks,

    & Auntbunk, thank you as well!

    recently a good guy friend of mines told me, you are gifted and your also CURSED with the

    quality of Beauty, its a gift that men will go out of there way for you, but its also dangerous.

    Im still on the dating scene with guys, before pursuing ladies just yet..DONT WORRY

    im not scared of guys lol, Im just a real feminist very sensitive,legs crossed,skirt and hair down gal so my text may seem a little over the top but I believe definetely my energy attracts such guys

    of a dominating nature and sometimes my response turns into fear not because Im literally scared of these guys but because I dont know how to handle them, how to respond by such a aggressive man, I was watching a tv show "REALITY" and it had a guy where he picked up girls

    from the nightclub each night to try and get hitched however he was so aggressive ladies kept turning him down each time, and its more so I always meet those kind of guys& it reminds me

    of my past sometimes turning into a resentment a little.

  • Auntbuck, well thank you !Im Impressed, good to see you working on your skills getting much better! Im completely looking forward to it ! thanks for being here for me..

    btw, I haven't given up on guys totally lol, reason i mentioned guy/lady im open to the possibilities I refuse to close my eyes to men and same in turn to ladies, however Ive had most emotional connections with women, never engaging. but women understand the significance of emotional support and sometimes a man dont know how to offer that, just like when we come on tarot and talk to eachother this is a form of emotional support guys call it "gossip" lol

    its a important to ladies to have it! right? Ive seen plenty ladies married and financially taken care of for the rest of their lives no need to work, but still unhappy because the emotional connection

    is uninvolved, thats not my goal i wanna be happy and emotionally connected to whomever,

    im sure you can relate to this ? thats why I chose to express this here, there might be some one with the same outlook..when my subconscious speaks I listen. thanks very much auntbuck ! blessings. 😉 keep it up !

  • Capicorn,

    may I please applaud you on your great work here ? Thank you very much for your time and understanding, I will for sure take into consideration your advice..Theres a huge healing process I must begin and Im starting now to do just that . 😉

    many blessings to you and your new year.

  • I wish you the best! Divine inner light is within you and all of you!

  • Well....you get the aggressive guys and when I go out to a bar, which I don't anymore, but when I did I always managed to get hit on by the ones that were 30 years my senior which when you are 25 and get hit on by a guy 55 is kind of creepy. :0) Last time I went out...I attracted the way older than me crowd again so I just figure I must be sending out daddy signs. LOL. Funny thing is I joke about finding a sugar daddy and yet it is really the last thing I would want. I'm like you, I want the whole connection. Not just the financial... Now, if I could find the financial who had the rest of the connection I would be in heaven! :0)

  • addictd

    where have u been young lady 😉

    i am slightly sad to see you were in such turmoil

    but i know everything will work out in your favor

    i left you a message on your blog page

    check it out

    you know i am alwayz here for you

    and i mean that...so don't hesitate to contact me ok

    and stop feeling like you are alone out there

    trust me i know the feeling but you have support..and not just on here

    i mean really we live literally less than an hr away from each other 😉

    stay well

    be blessed

    and say hey...u have been missed 😉

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