• I desperatly need an answer on a relationship question. Is there anyone who could help? I would be very grateful.

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  • Thank you Daliolite:)

    I am in 6 year relationship with a man who is significantly older. He is 67 and I am 44. I know he loves me, I love him but it is extremely complicated. I feel I am losing him. I am a Leo he is a Capricorn... He is my love, my soulmate, my best friend and I know he feels the same. Schaubby did a reading for me and it helped me try to be more patient but i need to know if we will be together. I can't eat, can't sleep, and cry an awful lot..Do you do readings, or astrology or are you just psycic? Can you help or direct me to someone who might have a more definite answer for me.. I appreciate your help.

    Blessing to you~Princesswitch

  • Princess,

    I think it's time you had a heart to heart talk with the man in question and let him know how you feel and ask him what is going on in his head and heart.

    From experience, it may be possible that he is thinking of your future and not wanting to bring you a less than full life (in his own mind). Perhaps he feels he has nothing to offer you in the way of material comforts because of promises to his children made before you met. He could even be getting pressure from an outside source.

    Just ask him straightforward from your heart what is troubling him , letting him know that you love him deeply.

    I wish you the best.

  • Thank you patchlove I appreiciate your time. I will take your advice. Blessings to you.:)


  • Princess, keep in mind too that this seems to have been a difficult time for alot of people. There is alot happening/changing in the spiritual realm leaving alot of us drained and emotional....I do think its important to communicate with your man...but also know that as women we sometimes feel we are losing a man when they are really just wanting a little space to work out things in their own minds...My advice to you is to do the things to make you feel up an old friend, try a new outfit, do something nice for someone...sometimes we get so wrapped up in our men that we lose ourselves and in turn we can start to suffocate the man without even doing anything necessarily wrong....stay positive and do some things for yourself that make YOU happy...take the pressure off the relationship and LOVE YOURSELF.

  • thank you lovinmylife:)

    It helps to be able to talk about this. I will certainly take your advice. I have found most of the people on this sight so helpful whether it was for a reading or just heart felt concern. It means so much to me.

    Thank you again

    Many Blessings, Princess

  • Hi Princess, Yes, I can do a tarot reading for you. I'm still learning and I haven't bought my own deck. I do it here. I will get back to you.

  • Hi Princess, All dilemmas you are facing really revolve on how you choose to deal with them. There is loss and challenges. You feel as though you haven't attained the results you were looking for. Shows something will replace your emptiness. Don't dwell on the past. Look in another direction and don't put the blame on yourself (that's important.) Five of Cups is your center (I drew this first.) Five of Cups deals with loss.

    I pulled a lot of coins which relate to earthy things property, prosperity, career. Also, the earth signs, which I wanted to ask you, if you or your friend are Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. I'm not sure if the coins are pointing to you or him. If it's your friend, he may be looking back and saying that he's worked hard to get to where he is now. I almost feel like he thinks that your after something he has. Anyway, someone is looking back and contemplating loss etc.

    You are generous and well-balanced that is your inherent nature. In the past you felt a lack of direction. Seems like you were busy in whatever you were doing.

    After the five of cups (your current troubles) you'll reach a pivotal point. The cards are telling you in a major way that you have a lot of inner strength and talent to handle the situation(s). Learn to master power with authority and confidence. Step out of your comfort zone. Undertake your own strength of will and self-confidence. You don't need to look outside of yourself (how wonderful!) I drew the Magician and The World in your near future.

    Things will come to fufillment when you rely more on yourself. When you are able to do this, you will look back & feel better. I think this reading is telling you that you've got what it takes to succeed on your own. I think it's also saying that you have a lot to offer anyone but you may not realize it. Maybe your own past hasn't been what you expected. The reading is saying that you have what it takes.

  • Oh thank you so much. That would be wonderful. I am learning too, but am not quite sure I should be doing my own. Princess

  • Thank you so much for your time..It isn't exactly what I wanted to hear because I am so sad, and feel like I should be with this man.. I feel like why would he be brought into my life just to be taken out? He is a Capricorn, and a good hearted man.

    I will try really hard and listen to your suggestions. I do appreciate your time so very much.

    Love, Peace and Blessings: Princess:)

  • Dear Princesswitch

    Just a quick word and excuse me for butting in, but I think Daliolite hit the proverbial nail on the head when she mentioned that a lot of coins appeared in her reading. I think you are underestimating just how CAUTIOUS and CONSERVATIVE your average CAPRICORN is and how protective he will be of the accumulation of his savings (or wealth), after a lifetime's work. You , being a LEO and (excuse me for saying this) are much more emotionally dramatic, impulsive and impatient to be one part of a 'couple' Does he have grown-up children? He will not jeopardize their inheritance I think..

    Capricorns are not demonstrative (my father and several relations are goats) and the more you show emotion, the more he will clam up - like his 'crabbily defensive opposite sign, Cancer. He does not mean to be cruel, but he cannot understand your emotional outbursts....much as he finds them touchingly enchanting and flattering. I could be completely wrong about him of course, but if you want to keep him, emotional displays will just worry him. He need you to stay calm. Peace and love to you .

  • Hi Princess, just wanted to add that "bump" was pushing your post upwards, bumping it upwards so that it did not get lost without an answer.


  • So THATS what the bump is all about! lol.. I wondered too.


    Thank you Paddi


    Have you talked to your beloved yet? I didn't ask ......but how has he expressed his feelings for you? After 6 years, I understand your angst...has he spoken of a future together?

    In a past relationship , my beau hadnt even told his former sister in law with whom he spoke to every day of me. He had lost his wife to cancer a year and a half before, and I came to realize there where some ties he didn't want to risk losing. I didn't understand it at the time....but I do now. They were his people at that time in his life.

    I have found this to be so with husbands who have lost their beloved wives of many years in passing. They feel they are betraying others to allow love into their lives again.

    The moments were sweet, and I learned from them, but they were painful nonetheless.

    I don't know if this applies in your situation, but I understand the confusion and hurt dear Princess.

  • Hello Highpriestess:) No you are not butting in... I feel the more advice I get the more educated I am and it does help so much to talk about it. Oh I have learned about the

    I know not to get emotional. It scares him. He is set in his ways but I feel with all my heart and soul he isn't worried about the material wealth as neither am i having grown up very poor. I am a person who enjoys the good things in life but i am not materialistic, He knows this..

    What scares him is he is in an abusive relationship and is being guilted into believing his whole family... children, siblings, people he works with EVERYONE will disown him. I know that is a major thing to think of especially at his age.. however I know we truly could be happy together.. he is just afraid. If I have to wait until he's 80 I will!! It isn't the age for me. We were and became BEST friends first. He is my soulmate and I can't say goodbye. He hasn't spoken to me in 2 weeks. I am guessing he is clammed up because he spent the week in Florida with his family and they had an "INTERVENTION" That usually scares him.

    So... I patiently wait to hear from him, but I miss him sooo much it hurts. I thank you so much for everyones support and ideas. It does help. I just wish I knew a definite answer then I could relax more. Blessings to you!! ~Princess

  • HA thanks!!!!!

  • Thanks Patchlove:) I guess it applies a little. He is afraid of losing his family because he is married. I know most people think its horrible. I didn't intend to break up a marriage, we just became friends.. for a long time ... he is my best friend in this whole world and I understand him not wanting to lose his kids but they are 38 and 40 I am hoping they will see how unhappy he is in his marriage and want their father to be happy but there mother is really playing the guilt card.. telling them she might commit suicide, she is sick it ;s his fault she follows him, reads his mail, checks his emails, and stuff you just wouldn't believe...Even went as far as to go to my beloveds mother who is 94 years old and get her all upset. So it's tough. Yet.....Even when he says it' s over and can't talk to me he always comes back.. I know he loves me. He has talked about a future...He is a capricorn He is cautious.

    I appreciate everyones concern I truly have felt so alone and It helps so much to talk. I am not a bad person.. please don't think I am a marriage wrecker.. I just found my soulmate. I am just crazy in love

    Thank again and much love and blessings to you ~Princess

  • Dear Princesswitch

    Good luck to you and I hope all your dreams come true. Keep us posted, won't you. Much love to you.

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