BLMOON question?

  • I really enjoyed the reading you had for me but there is one question thats been sitting with me these past few weeks when it comes to my scorpio. The way you explained our relationship right now was very accurate. Especially with his guilt trips and manipulation towards me. My question is, is it also in his nature to be using me? I ask this because of how you explained how loyal scorpios are. I am a thinker so I can't tell if im over thinking this or not. We had a great connection when it first began (like you mentioned) but as time went on he kept pulling further and further away. Now I feel like he's cut off all emotional aspects with me. I know scorpios are known for thier sexual being but it feels like that is all he's interested in when it comes to me. I've tried to break it off many times and sometimes he'll agree to leave me alone but than days later he's back. I know he's a lesson for me to get some back bone but is he just lying when he says he does really care for me and like me? If they are turned off by the weak than why is he still around? Its been 5 months and he's stil here.. he's changed more than I have and it confuses me everday. It hurts because he's good at making me feel like im not good enough. One day I want to drop him and forget him than the next day I get hope because of how much I really do care for him.

    If you could give me any help when it comes to that question it would really helped.. after reading my last post with you it only stirred up the intensity of how I feel about him. Which is very unsure. Being me.. im always sure about things.

    His birthday is 11-6-1988

    M birthday is 1-21-1990 11:42pm

  • Heres the thing--if you do not solve this with him you will solve it with another because it is not about him but you. Where are your boundries? He did not change at all--he baited and snagged you--knew how to get you but he has intimacy issues--fear of vulnerability--you feel this in the s e x--that he's not really connecting--despite the big sparks you can open your eyes in the moment and see he's somewhere else. It is not that he doesn't really care it's because he is afraid of being wide open. He is really too young yet for getting past this. You are more mature than he is--and you could be a great team working relationship as you have much to teach each other. He needs to learn to love unconditionaly and be vulnerable and accept yes love hurts at times but you cannot taste the true joy without risking and feeling the otherside of that--the times it hurts. You could build a stronger backbone with him--don't let him push you around or manipulate you and never let him put you in a holding pattern--you must be a busy lady--maybe too busy sometimes. You have to be honest with yourself as he likes to keep you in blinders--know when he takes up too much of your energy and thoughts. Find your other bliss--you do have one--search your childhood and reclaim it fast. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • You are right.. I see what you are saying now and that is true. Your help did put some rest to my over thinking. Thank you once again ... time to put my energy towards me and my happiness : ) Happy new year to you as well!

  • Sorry to jump in, Blue Moon just want to wish you and your family a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year! 🙂

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